Bottle of Milk

Bottle of Milk soja23 enjoying a bottle of milk

Draw and text by Yookey


Yes it is always nice to enjoy a bottle of milk and you need to refuel your water balance so you can use the diaper lather :)

Soja the explorer

Soja the exploreris out exploring in the garden, picking up a bug here and there and looking at them through their magnifying glass :)

Soja soja23

Draw and text by Yookey


Yes it sure looks like this little explorer have found something nice to looking at through the magnifying glass :)

Soja23 tuckered out

Soja23 tuckered outOrder by soja23

Draw by Yookey


I hope this little baby boy have a nice dream now. Maybe he is dreaming about his cute plush that he seems to hugging so tight.

He look so cute in this pose whit his thick poofy diaper butt he sure is well protected from any accidents during his sleep.