Diaperfur Comic: padded pup vs bm page 1

Babyfur Comic: padded pup vs bm page 1when the world is reaks ithe vrime a new here will come out to change the world one diaper at a time padded pup wil save de day.

Draw and everything by yourfur

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/26310413/

wow it sure seems like this thief have some kind of special power. It seems like he can force you to release you to do one big messy diaper.

I Do Like It

I Do Like ItOne of my biggest fetishes that I have yet to experience in real life is to have a pretty girl wear a diaper and then facesit me while she sets and messes in it. This fetish has at least been brought to life in art form…….So I have that going for me, which is nice.

The wonderful domme riding my face with her soiled diaper is yookey

Cubs: muarauder12 and yookey

Text by muarauder12

Draw by diapered-buns

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17775946/

Wounder how it should feel like to smell a messy diaper this close special when she is poops it the same time. The smell most be very bad.

Leaking Night Diaper

Leaking Night Diaper
Leaking Night Diaper

I was sleeping deep and dreamed about my pacifier and a big scary sea because we should be on a big bot the next day. I dont like to be on the big sea it is scary. But suddenly i woke up a little and notes that may bed dont was warm and cozy any more. It was wet and cold and my bed sheet had a big wet mark. so i started to cry and that make my pacifier to fall out from my mouth. That make me even more sad because i love to use it and i could not find it.

I hope mommy is going to come soon i fell the bed is more wet now. Then it was before i woke up.

Draw by: ruugiaruu

I know how bad it is to woke up to a leaking night diaper it is not so match fun.

What do you do when you woke up whit a leaking night diaper? How do you feel about it? Do it make you sad or do you only think it is bad ?