Living Diaper Pail

Living Diaper PailThis is Abigail, she’s found herself bound up and forced into this humiliating situation. Oh dear…

Text and draw by TakOttah


What a stinky and nasty situation Abigail have end up in to be force to handle all this wet and soggy diapers.

Super wet Tena Slip Maxi – jannoberlindiaper


Good that this diaper boy decided to be padded when he went to bed. The diaper look very well use now when he woke up.

Special diaper time – krinkleskorner


Looks like this boy have some special fun time in his wet diaper and the diaper look very well use to :)

Naughty kitty

Naughty kittyOrder by: tucker199

Draw by emeritus_terciel


Looks like this cubs is going to be put back into some thick diaper instead off this Pull-ups that can not handle his heavy flooding.

Wet diaper front – douglasdir77


You maybe think that you are a big boy but from the look on your soggy wet night diaper it seems like you have a long way to go before you can say that you are a big boy. Right now you are a little boy in his wet night diaper.

Cute combination – baby-jaybe


This is a super cute combination. This boy need to go and wake up his mommy or daddy so they could change him. That Crinklz diaper look super wet and really need to be change before it leaks.