Baby Bottle Kitten

 Baby Bottle KittenChris might not of liked the idea at first and may not be too willing to show it now, but he seems to be enjoying being babied by his plushy ^///^ So much so, he might have had a tiny bit of an accident… oopsies… Not looking very big boy-ish anymore.

Draw and everything by Erin-Cloverfox


Yes it sure seems to be a good thing to be changing Chris diaper after he finish the bottle. His diaper sure seems to be pretty squishy right now so it sure seems to be the right time to changing it special if we wont to avoid things like leaking diaper. I sure think if that would happen we should have an even more blushing cat then we having now.

Aganist the potty

Aganist the pottyRenamon and Krystal teaching a lesson to the potty.

Draw and everything by ConejoBlanco


Wow it sure seems like this two dont like the potty training. And making some good use of there diapers instead of using the potty. That sure is a pretty good choice there :)

Stinky Sleepover

Stinky Sleepover“See, I told you a baby-themed slumber party would be fun!”

“Yeah, but pew, we should open a window or something.”

Order and text by hooligans87

Draw by sir-dancalot


Yes it sure seems like Kirlia, Aria, Meloetta, Steenee and Gothorita sure going to have a fun sleepover but they sure should be thinking about changing there soggy messy diapers before they go to sleep. Otherwise i think they are going to ending up whit a pretty bad case of diaper rash. And that should not be so match fun to wake up whit.

Good Morning!

Good Morning!

Some mornings you just need a little bit of help from your siblings to do your thing.

Draw and everything belongs to bolzan_the_twilight_guardian


Yes it sure seems like he get some special and nice helps from his siblings. I sure think that something inside his diaper really going to enjoy this nice soggy diaper rub :)

Leaning to love your diapers

Leaning to love your diapersThe diaper masturbation donkey belongs to Luckywesel

Draw by Charry


It really seems like Luckywesel really starting to enjoy to wear diapers. Special now during his hypnosis and diaper masturbation time. He sure seems to be pretty relax and enjoying himself now. I bet he soon going to release one big load of cum into the waiting diaper pretty soon. Special if he keeps up whit that he is doing :)

I only hope that he going to love the feeling now :)

Soggy Skunkie

Soggy Skunkie Draw and everything by Xepher777


Wow it sure seems like this skunk have ended up whit one super heavy diaper. The only bad thing about that is that it have starting to leak pretty bad now. This skunk should really start thinking about changing the diaper.

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