Soggy Sailor

Soggy SailorSailor Outfit raises wetings skills by 50%

Draw and everything by Wob


It sure seems like this Sailor have ended up whit one super soggy diaper here :)

That diaper sure most be super squishy now.

Bon Messing

Bon MessingHere is Bon messing her diaper, later of keep holding for long in front of the bathroom door.

Order by Anonymous

Draw and text by ConejoBlanco


Poor Bon looks like he don’t manage to keep his diaper dry and clean any more. But good its was there to handle his accident. I bet it should be even more blushing if that’s not was the case.

Look what we found

Look what we foundOrder by Arcanist_Jakko

Draw by tato


Poor thing looks like they discovered and decided to take a photos of his cute soggy messy diaper butt.

This sure is one blushing moment for him.