They’re still there

They're still thereThose two, are they gone yet?
Nope.They’re still on the sofa doing things.

Draw and everything by Skelbely


Yes they sure is doing some special stuff on that sofa and the diaper that they are wearing seems to be pretty well used so before they go it sure should be good if they decided to change there diaper before that. So they dont end up leaking in public :( That should be something very bad.

Saturday Mornings

Saturday MorningsYou know what is most important for childs in the mornings in the past and was the saturday cartoons in the morning :)
The bathroom can wait :)

Draw and everything by ConejoBlanco


Yes i agree the most imported thing on a Saturday morning is the cartoons. And you are wearing diapers for a reason so way not use it :)

Let someone handle the messy stuff when you are finish whit the cartoons :)

A painful bet!

A painful bet!Jeffy and Sammy were playing video games, when  suddenly ,Sammy came up with a brilliant “idea”!

Sammy:”Hey Jeffy!What if we put this game with a more interesting touch?”
Jeffy:”Like what?”
Sammy:”Something simple and easy…let’s do it a bet … the loser of this game will be punished with are bare bottom  spanking!”
Jeffy:”Let’s put it more interesting!With a double spanking!”
Sammy:”Very good! It’s a deal!”
Jeffy:”I definitely I will win this game,and when lose,your bottom will be sore and red and you can’t sit for a week!”
Sammy:”We will see!”

The battle had begun, sometimes Sammy went  to the front in the game score but other times it was Jeffy,  that was winning!But in the end, one had to be the loser … and unfortunately it was Jeffy!

Jeffy:”All right,Sammy…you won!”
Sammy with a big grin said:”Very good!!Bring me your cute little bottom  here!We are going to have a painful conversation!”

Poor Jeffy, I am sure that after this painful experience, his cute bottom will  gonna need some pillows and some ice!^^

Jeffy: JeffyBunny

Lineart by Victor/colors and text by nelson88


Yes this looks to be a very painful and bad bet for Jeffy now when Sammy won in the video game.