Crib Bound

Crib BoundLooks like I am stuck in my crib for an indefinite length of time. Maybe I should have listened to Mommy when she told me that getting out of the crib would have consequences. At least I have Riley to keep me company and a nice thick Snuggies Overnight to soak up my wettings.

Wolf and text by muarauder12

Draw by Paddy


Yes it is always good to do what mommy is told you to do. Your arm is going to hurt allot when she finely is going to let you out of the crib.

but you look kind of cute in this position :)

Snuggies Waddler Overnight Diaper Review

A quick review of the new diaper by Snuggies.

Video and text created by Lolly G.

The diaper can be order from this two online stores.

Snuggies Waddler Overnight

Finely on European store sells the new Snuggies Waddler Overnight. And it was like i expected the that have them.

snuggies-overnight-waddlerSnuggies Waddler Overnight Product Description.

The newest Snuggies has everything from the Waddler that people love and gave it more. Introducing markets first fade when wet star designed wetness indicators. The Waddler Overnight has in twice the absorption, stronger plastic and blue standing leak guards.
The Snuggies Waddler Overnight has 2 extra wide refastenable tapes on each side and tape landing zone for multiple adjustments when needed. With absorption of 135 oz (4,000 ml) these are one of the most absorbing printed diapers on the market. Like Snuggies Waddler our Waddler Overnight has a front and rear waistband and standing leak guards and leg cuffs for an extra snug and comfortable fit.

Size information.

Medium = 71 – 91.5cm (28″ – 36″)
Large = 91.5 – 122cm (36″ – 48″)
Price: €34.00
The product can you order on