Snow – My ABDL Life


Don't...you..DARE!“Please don’t Salvo, I’m sorry I hit you in the face with that snowball, please don’t put snow in my diaper!” Kody looked up at his older cousin as he held a fresh helping of snow, Ready to be shoved down Kodys absorbent, fluffy, dungriess. As Kody pleads with Salvo to no avail, Salvo has that determined look on his face that no cub wants to see from someone holding a fresh pile of cold, sweet revenge from when a certain little cousin clocks you in the face with a snowball X3

Haha so this picture was done by the fantastic RainyDays of Kody in a rather unfortunate predicament where Salvo is about to give Kody a “cold butt” that may or may not be justified because just before this Kody had thrown a snowball, (they were having a snowball fight after-all >.>), and hit Salvo right between the eyes! It was a rather hard hit needless to say and Salvo was not to happy about it at all. Thus we end up in this situation lol :p However I have this suspicious feeling that Salvo is about to be in BIG trouble after Kody tattles on him for his revenge! >:3

Order and text by aerospacerocks840

Draw by RainyDays

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/22668302/

Poor Kody it seems like he soon is going to get that big snowball trow down in the back of his diaper for the hit in the face he had on his cousin.

Someone soon is going to have a very cold diaper butt :(

I hope he is not so far away from home so he could run back inside and ask his mother to change him into a dry diaper.

Salvo sure having one scary face right now. When you see this kind of face on a cub they sure is up to something bad and evil like taking a revenge on another cub.

Snow Days

Snow DaysCorinn was flying out of his crib as he saw white fluffy stuff out the window. “Hey Keaden! What is that?” “Its called snow little hatchie. Why dont you take the the sled in Tyler’s lab and go down the road with it.” “Ok!” Corinn was all excited as he ran down the stairs to the main lobby. He then went into Tyler’s lab really quick. He saw him working on a new machine but Corinn did not want to disturb him. He quickly took the sled and ran out the front door of the building. He placed the sled down and sat on it. The sled went slowly down the snow covered road as it got faster. He went down the road in a very fast pace. He was turning it moving past signs and people that were on the road. Corinn slowly came to the end as he giggled, “That was fun I should do it again but faster!” He took the sled and flew to the top of the road. He sat on the sled again and pushed himself this time. He went very fast down the road as he hitted a speed bump on the road which sent him to the air and he let go of the sled so he was turning on the air. He didnt see the ground and he landed in a snow pile whith his head in the pile and his diaper butt sticking out in the air. “Someone help me!” He tried wiggling out but he wouldn’t budge. The front door of the buliding open as Keaden saw him stuck in the pile. “Dont worry Corinn I am coming!” He ran to him as he tried grabbing him with paws but didnt work. “Keaden im glad your here!” Keaden then grabbed the snow for a grip as his robotic hands came from his back and grabbed Corinn’s diapered butt. “1,2,3!” He pulled the draggie out of the pile and his robot hands placed him on the ground. “What happened!?” “I went faster then I should.” Corinn felt embarrassed as Keaden was scolding him. “Ok what have you learned today?” “Not to go fast.” Keaden rubbed his face to lighted his mood, “Anything else you want to say?” Corinn looked up at him, “Can we do it again?” Keaden smiled as the next thing they knew they were both racing each other to the bottom of the road with sleds as Corinn was not trying to flip again.

Order and text by ParadoxDragon

Draw by SilverC236

Source http://www.furaffinity.net/view/22288214/

Aww poor Corinn it sure seems like he is traped and most of his over buddy is buried in the snow. At least we are able to see his cute diaper butt. Maybe we should wait to dig him out ;)

Snow Bunnies

Snow BunniesCheshire is having fun making some bunnies out of snow.

Cheshire Ghost BlueSoul23

Draw and text by ArtieCanvas

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18811888/

Looks like Cheshire is having a nice and wonderful playtime in the snow and it seems like he is making a cute little bunny in the snow.

Playing in the snow is super fun :)

Snowball Pitcher

Snowball PitcherFoxy was outside playing in the snow and practice whit some snowballs. He is going to have a snowball fight against his friends later today and he wont to win it. He felt very lucky and confidence today that he could win it special now when he have his lucky pacifier to suck on it was no way he could lost the fight against Yookey, rexam-1 and hdofu

Draw by Yookey

Messy Xmas

Messy Xmas
looks like a cub needs a major change

Raccoon Ronald_Mc_Coon

Draw and text by KitsuneSkyy

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18571351/

Looks like someone have received a special smelly Christmas present.

Maybe the raccoon should haded inside and get that messy diaper butt changed.

Christmas badge

Christmas badgeBubba Buhha

Draw by MarciMcAdam

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18518865/

Here we have a happy cub that have some fun time whit the new snow that is falling from the sky.

It seems like he love the winter time :)