Babyfur Comic: Don’t try it just because you saw it on TV

Babyfur Comic: Don't try it just because you saw it on TVSeriously, don’t.

Characters: RyderKittenPants and  Mandobanjo

Draw by Zinky


It sure is not the best thing to try out wedgie when the furry you try it on is wearing a diaper ;)

But i sure love the look on the face she have in the last box :) But at least the diaper she is wearing is dry and clean. It sure should have been someone else if the diaper was wet or maybe even messy.



Order by kanrodstavoyan

Draw by StrawberryNeko


Giggle looks like someone decided to have a little Peek-A-Boo and the same time showing off that cute and thick diaper butt :)


Snoof! I’m sure Ryder wasn’t expecting to get his rump snoofed when he playfully pounced me. Maybe he will learn his lesson about it, maybe he won’t ;3

Alex and text by LilFluffyAlex

Ryder © ryderkittenpants

Draw by tropicana


Giggle looks like someone love the smell of a wet diaper :)

It sure is one special smell.

Nursery Playtime

Nursery PlaytimePlaying together with my bro Ricky in our nursery. Blocks are lots of fun to play with!

Draw by SugarMable

Snow leopard and text by LilPichu

Pichu Pichuboy


Awww looks like this two cubs have a nice playtime in the nursery together whit the blocks. I hope they going to have a awesome playtime for a long time this day.