An unforgettable dream! (Gift art)

An unforgettable dream! (Gift art)As we all know, little Foxy loves his plushie named Pikachu!

“We are inseparable!” said Foxy at bedtime!

Several minutes later, Foxy was sound asleep, cuddling with his beloved Pikachu!

While Foxy was sleeping, he had a beautiful dream!He dreamed that the real Pikachu was visiting!Foxy couldn’t say anything, he just grabbed him with his paws and hugged him for a long time!

Upon awakening, Foxy took his Pikachu plushie and said:”You are very special to me, my Pikachu!”

Lineart by Victor/colors and story by nelson88


I would like to thank nelson88 and Victor for this nice gift. This is really me.

Foxy on his way to dreamland

Foxy on his way to dreamlandFoxys and his mother have been and shopping for some new diapers to Foxy and when they get home. Foxy decide that he should guard the diaper package from the evil potty monster.

Foxy have heard from some other cub at the kindergarten that the potty monster could steal the cubs diaper so they be force to use the potty or wet there pants. Foxy dont want this to happen so he grab his pacifier and his Pikachu plushy and stay guard for 5 min when he suddenly felt sleepy so he decide to rest on the diaper package becours it was so comfy and soft.

And before he know it he was on his way to the dreamland sleeping on the diaper package express :)

Draw by: zanten94

Comfy cushy couch

Comfy cushy couch

Me sleeping on the couch after gaming all night.

German Shepherd Dog: ethan86

Draw by: PaddedRingtail


It look like ethan86 is a weary sleepy dog right now after stay up all night and play some game. Good thing that he fall asleep wearing some thick and comfy diapers. I love the cute blue diaper butt that he have right now. He look so cute and sweet right now when he is sleeping on the couch whit his cute diaper butt fully expose. I bet he can sleep weary deep right now and if he have an accident in his sleep his thick diaper can handle it weary well. Do you dont think so? It should be weary cute and weary embarrassing now if some one walk into the room and decide to give his cute diaper butt a pat. Wounder if he should wake up then?

I wish that he have a nice and calm sleep :)

Napping after a funfilled Christmas day

Napping after a funfilled day

Enjoying my nap after a funfilled Xmas day

Pichu: Pichuboy

Draw by: Amiko


Aww this is a weary cute pose Pichuboy look so happy right now. And i can understand way he is this happy Christmas time is always a fun time for allot of kids there they get allot of new toys that they can play whit. But i bet that Pichuboy is happy for another reason and i think the reason is that he have some weary nice friends that he can sleep whit and that most of a time make a cub weary happy.

I wish him the best of dreams right now.

Link to Pikachu-, Pichu- and Raichu Plushs on Amazon if you wont to find a special friend to like Pichuboy have.

Very Sleepy Pichuboy

Very Sleepy Pichuboy
Tukered out after enjoying my Christmas. If I wasn’t asleep I would be doing more Xmas activities, like making cookies.

Artwork by Amiko.

Pichu: Pichuboy


Awww they are so cute together and it is not strange that Pichuboy have fall asleep now after all the fun he and his plushy friends have done this Christmas. And from the look on this happy and smelling face i bet t was allot of fun to. Maybe he is going to have this match fun that next day to.

Sleepy Butt

Sleepy ButtCubs are little cute things that can fall asleep in allot of places and allot of cute pose to. Foxy is no exceptions when it comes to that part. He fall asleep loot of times on the floor when he plays whit his cars and today it happens to he falls he fell asleep during playtime still sucking on his pacifier and whit his thick diaper butt in the air so every one can see it.

Draw by: xxxchaotickitty