Diaperfur Comic: Big Kid Pants page 22

Diaperfur Comic: Big Kid Pants page 22
Music is Bonnie’s happy place. Until it gets interrupted by a message. Whats in the message? tune in next time!!

Draw and everything by cargoweasel

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/29243132/

Yes what is it whit this message ? I sure hope it have some fun and interesting news :)

Sleepy Bun

Sleepy Bun

Life can be stressful so have a sleepy padded bun~

Draw and everything by The-Padded-Room

Source: https://www.deviantart.com/the-padded-room/art/Sleepy-Bun-769993703

Life sure can be kind of stressful and hard so instead of having a sleepy padded bun. Way not wearing a thick and comfy diaper yourself?

A good diaper can sure make you feel pretty relax and special :)

Wearing a thick diaper to sleep sure is amazing.

Evolution of Diaper Good – tomukemono

Evolution of Diaper Good

This drawing is posted by on Twitter.

It sure seems like it was a good move by Raichu to be wearing a night diaper. It sure seems like he have ended up using it pretty good during his sleep time. I only hope that the diaper is not that soggy like it seems to be. Because it sure seems to be close to its limit in how match it is able to handle before it start leaking.

Sleepy cuddles with @RTheotter

Aww looks like they are sleeping good together :)

But we can sure ask our self way is it only one that are wearing a diaper? Should not the other one wearing a night diaper to?

Career as a big baby model has begun – Pawpawtoof

Yes it sure seems like that and it sure seems like you are advertising one thick diaper here Pawpawtoof.

This diaper sure seems to be the ultimate night diaper for heavy wetter :)

Comfies ad

Comfies ad

Draw for claymongoose by ConejoBlanco

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/28663017/

Yes it sure is a good thing that Zoey sleep trough here diaper wetting incident. It seems like here parents finely find the right diaper for here :)