Bounce-n-Smooshnot only does it bounce: it rubs, squishes, and vibrates the occupant’s diaper based on the order the colorful buttons are pressed!

Draw and everything by Ludis-Luteo

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Looks like this special bounce is doing allot of special and nice things whit the user :)

This cat sure look pretty happy right now :)

Babyfur Comic: o sonho da caixa de areia, página 1

Babyfur Comic: o sonho da caixa de areia, página 1Wow, it’s quite comfortable!

This sleeper is so warm, comfy and cute! I bet I’m gonna sleep better from now on! But, since I’m no fool, I’ll still sleep padded!

So warm… Maybe it keeps me from having nightmares!

Mm… I have to pee, but I’m so comfortable here! I think I’m gonna wet my diaper and sleep. If I get a rash, it can be dealt tomorrow.

Oh, yeah… There, there… It feels… good!

Less talk, more action; let’s see if my theory works for real.

Draw by Yure16

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It sure looks like this cat love his new footed sleeper and i think it is wisely of him to wear diapers to bed. You newer know when i accident can happen and it should be kind of bed if your cozy footed sleeper end up soaked whit pee.

darn tail snaps…

darn tail snaps...thecharchar dressing up in a kigu of his evolved form… and having some wardrobe issues.

The cute fox thecharchar

Draw and text by emeritus_terciel

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Aww poor little fox it seems like he have trouble whit the sleeper. It seems like he having a hard time to close the drop seat on his sleeper that should make it easier for someone to check or change his diaper if he need a new one. Maybe he should go and ask his mother or daddy for some help whit this?

Bed time for pups

Bed time for pupsLittle Inu is all ready for bed with his Pika Plush and Paw Patrol Sleeper! I love this piece, it’s exactly what I wanted <3

Little Inu and text by rockman222

Draw by cuddlehooves

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Yes Little Inu its looks like you are all ready for bedtime i hope you going to have a some nice dream together whit your Pikachu plush and dont be afraid for the monster under the crib. Your Pikachu are going to protect you from them.

Disney Boy Badge

Disney Boy Badge
Disney Boy Badge

Cub: onecho

Draw by: Reva_the_Scarf

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This is a very cute cub pose and the best cub pose to. I only hope that onecho like to suck on the thumb instead of his pacifier but i think he should look more cuter if it was the pacifier he suck on instead. And i think he has a very cute and nice sleeper on and i can only hope that he have a cozy and thick night diaper on to. But i am not sure the sleeper dont seams to be any special bulky between his legs. What do you think? do it look like onecho is wearing a diaper below this sleeper? But i hope he is wearing one so he dont wet his cute pajamas. That is not so match fun to sleep in some wet cloths.