Asleep in the Stroller

Asleep in the StrollerFoxy: abdl86

Draw by Fangthefox

Foxy and his mother was out this beautiful day in the park during Foxys afternoon nap. It was good for his mother that Foxy always sleep so good in his stroller because during the time Foxy was asleep his mother could go out for a walk whit him or sit down on a park bench and read the newspaper while Foxy slept peacefully in his stroller.

And we hope that Foxys mother did dent forget to bring the diaper bag when they walked out from the home because it looks like Foxy need a diaper change when he woke up from his nap.

Waiting for Santa

Waiting for SantaThis Christmas, Kiba had decided to stay awake to see Santa’s arrival!

Kiba:”I’m sure that this time I will see Santa and I will not fall asleep like the last year!”

Then Kiba sat and waited and waited …but within several hours, he began to yawn and his little eyes began to close!

“I’m not sleepy yet!I’m…not…sleepy….yet!I’m…not!”Kiba said!

But as you are seeing, again Kiba couldn’t see Santa’s arrival, but I’m pretty sure that the gift there next to him, will make little Kiba very happy!

Santa:”Merry christmas,little Kiba!”

Lineart by Victor
Story and Coloring done by Nelson88

Cub: onikiba


aww it look like Kiba was to sleepy after all. Hope he have sweet dreams.

Cubby Superheroes need a nap too

Cubby Superheroes need a nap tooAfter a “hard battle” with the evil Mr,Teddy, and quick diaper change by the caretakers the cubs were tired and fell asleep…once again the universe will be safe and in peace, thanks to our superheroes … Little Caiden and Kiba!

Cubs: onikiba and tugscarebear

Draw by: nelson88


Here we have some weary cute and sleepy superheroes and i agree even small superheroes need to have a diaper changes and nap time. They look so cute when they are sleeping and perhaps as they dream about new adventures as they perhaps will experience when they wake ups from the nap time.

Maybe a new evil crook will take their teddy bear. But if that happen i can bet that this two superheroes can take it back from the evil crook if that happens.

That glorious weekend

That glorious weekend

That glorious weekend feeling when you wake up and remember you are wearing a diaper. You just let your morning pee go, knowing your nappy will hold it. Then you can snooze as long as you want.

Text by: nappiesandchains

Photo by: hardkinkymind

Yes this can be one of the best thing when you wearing a night diaper that you can use the diaper instead of the potty and go  quicker back to sleep when you are done. And when you wake up the diaper feels so thick and soggy between you legs and that is a wonderful and nice thing to wake up to.

Sleep time for Foxy

Sleep time for FoxyFoxy loves when it get the time for him to go to bed. Do you wont to know way he loves it? It is weary easy to understand way he loves his sleep time. That is the time when he can have his favorite Pikachu plushy close bay that he can sleep and cuddling whit during the night. And if he wakes up from a bad dream that he do some time Pikachu is always close bay ready for some nice snuggling and he is always special soft during that moments. And that is something that Foxy loves allot and that helps most of the time. He is like a extra mommy for Foxy some time when he need something soft and warm.

Pikachu is a weary good sleeping friend :)

Draw by: fangthefox

Sleepy little inventor, Spike

Sleepy little inventor, Spike
Sleepy little inventor, Spike.

Wolf: Spike.alias.Wolfshund

Draw by: toddlergirl.


It look like Spike.alias.Wolfshund dont think so match right now. It look more like he havening a nice and comfy nap instead and that is good. Cubs need to have allot of sleep so he can grow up one day and be a big boy. And he dont need to be worry if he have any accident in his sleep he have a thick and comfy diaper that can handle allot of accident that he maybe going to have during his nap and playtime so he dont need to worry about walking up into a wet bed only a wet diaper and that is how it should be for a cub. It is not so match fun if the diaper leak during your sleep so you get a wet bed to. And something that should be even worse is if your plushy get wet to then your mommy need to wash him before you can cuddling whit him again and that can take many hours for him to dry.