Team diaper

Team diaper

The skunk belongs to CameronTheSlayerSkunk

Draw by Pidgopidgey


Awww this skunk sure seems to have one thick and poofy diaper butt :) It sure going to be able to keep him dry for a long time.

But what do he have in his paw?

SURPRISE! Soggy butt!

SURPRISE! Soggy butt!Here we have Doux picking on Cody once again…but this time got Cody off guard in the most embarrassing way this time….a diaper check.

Characters in this drawing belongs to CodyOmega and ZombiNeko

Text by CodyOmega


Aww poor Cody looks like Doux have discover that Cody have ended up whit a pretty soggy diaper. Poor thing i think that he soon is going to need to have that soggy diaper changed before it start leaking.

He sure have a big blushing face right now.

Out of Practice Part 3

Out of Practice Part 3This, Starbuck thought, was why pop-snap jeans were superior; a more expensive investment, but when you had a big accident at least they didn’t end up completely shredded. He watched Artie stoop down to collect the tattered remains of his jeans off the path, cradling them in his paws like a broken china figure.

“Darnit…” Artie whined. “It’s hard enough finding jeans that actually fit over my diapers, but then when I actually… y’know…”

“Does that happen all the time?” Starbuck asked, incredulous. He’d thought the size of Artie’s pamps were just for show, that there wasn’t any way a normal fox could have such a huge accident all in one go… but then again, Starbuck’s own diaper was sagging down to his ankles. Glass houses and all that.

“Mmm… only when I really have to go,” said Artie, blushing, his ears twitching slightly. “Can’t help it, though. When I gotta go…”

“Yeah. You don’t really have a choice.”

That funky smell from earlier was still lingering in the air, but quickly dissapating in the summer breeze. Whether the funk was a result of transforming into a skunk, or the mush filling the seat of his diaper, Starbuck couldn’t say. It didn’t smell much like regular skunk fumes though…

He put it out of his mind. It wasn’t important enough to worry about.

Starbuck scooped up his jeans, slinging them over his shoulder. “I live pretty close by,” he said, offering a hand to Artie as the fox struggled upright. “Maybe we can get you changed, get you some new pants?”

Artie blinked. Starbuck was normally a Dragon. He had Dragon-Sized diapers filling his closet. Granted, from the looks of things, Starbuck’s diaper wasn’t much bigger than his own… But Star’s accident wasn’t even a real dragon-sized accident. All shapeshifting had done was force out what his new body couldn’t hold in. Dragon diapers could probably hold more than that… a whole lot more…

Artie blinked, feeling himself blushing again at the thoughts filling his head. “Y-You’d really do that? For real?”

“Sure. It’s only a few minutes away, we can just walk there.”

Artie looked around, suddenly feeling self-conscious. There were other furs in the park. It’s not like they were alone. “But—”

“What’s the big deal?” Starbuck asked, raising an eyebrow. “It’s not like your pants were doing a good job of hiding it in the first place, so what’s the difference?”

With a swish of his new fluffy skunk tail, he waddled off down the path.

Charterers belongs to ArtiePamps and GibsonScratch

Text by GibsonScratch

Draw by CatMonkShiro


Yes i sure agree on that its is kind of impossible to hide a thick diaper like that whit some pants. So it is no kind of difference to be walking around in only t-hist and diaper. They sure going to have a interesting walk now.

New charge

New chargeOrder by gubaguy and draw by Ludis-Luteo


I sure dont think he is going to make it there in time before something sure going to be exploding in the back off his diaper. From the sound of his tummy and the desperate look on his face it sure going to be happen any second now. Poor thing he sure going to be standing there whit a soggy messy and pretty stinky diapers soon and no way in the power to change it before he find the key. I sure think allot of other furrys is going to notes what have happen before he find they key.

It sure going to be some very blushing and embarrassing moment ahead of this furry.

Bhawkes Gaming stinkers 2

Bhawkes Gaming stinkers 2just cause they’re over teamspeak in a video game doesn’t mean there aren’t real world consequences to smack talk :P

as these two are figuring out…

The characters in this drawing belongs to Bhawkes and Zarla.

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


Poor thing i sure bet they regret the smack talk now when they see what type of consequences it can have. But it sure is to tale to do anything about it now.

Soggy Skunkie

Soggy Skunkie Draw and everything by Xepher777


Wow it sure seems like this skunk have ended up whit one super heavy diaper. The only bad thing about that is that it have starting to leak pretty bad now. This skunk should really start thinking about changing the diaper.