Magic Baby Wand

Magic Baby WandOzzie found a strange star wand on the floor, and felt a regressive aura coming from it. So, of course, he picked it up, and soon was much, much too small for his clothes, and in need of a diaper. X3 The lesson here is to beware strange wands…or don’t. :3

Skunk and text by OzzieKitSkunk

This cute pic was done by Nelson and Victor on Inkbunny.


Yes his cloths sure is to big for him now and yes he really need to have a clean and thick diaper around his waist and butt pretty soon before he end up whit a accident on his old cloths.

Kar Show

Kar Show
Just getting the EG2 ready for the meet down at Paw Eleven now that Kar has taken care of himself!

Kar and text by DJHak

Draw by jimmy_rumshot


Looks like someone is running around in the car park showing his thick diaper :)

Fuzzy Little Butt

Fuzzy Little ButtOzzie just had his diaper changed and was happily playing a game of tag with Tavi, when he suddenly felt cool air on his bottom. He looked back and saw that his diaper tapes had given out from too much powder being on them, and had fallen off, exposing his cute little fuzzy butt and bits. Gotta be careful with those diaper tapes

Skunk and text by OzzieKitSkunk

Draw by nelson88


Yes this little baby boy really have a cute butt and it is now fully exposed when the tapes on the diaper did dent have so match sticky stuff left to hold it together around his waist.

This is one very cute pose :)

Motherly Instincts

Motherly InstinctsLooks like the little one and I have some new things ahead of us ^.^

Order by APSOL

Draw by catmonkshiro


Yes it sure looks like this two have allot of new things ahead of them and i wish them the best of luck.

Taki Lost and found 5

Taki Lost and found 5The bag now fully recognizing it’s owner… and it’s owner not realizing something is amiss… the gurgling makes itself truly known as the poor skunkette empties the contents of her stomach into the waiting pampers taped firmly around her hips.

Skunk Taki

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


Yes it sure looks like the skunks stomach have empties it content into the awaiting diaper. And it even seems like the bladder have empty it content into the diaper that quickly absorbing it. This diaper looks like it ready to be change now.

Can I have a change now?

Can I have a change now?Changes are overdue.

Skunk and text by DJHak

Draw by TakOttah


This is one messy diaper this cub have end up whit. His mother most have give him something special in the baby bottle or he maybe have some tummy problem.