Good girl

Good girlhehes daddy knows i have been good and keeping ontop of my chorse if im soggy or.. >////< yeahs as much as im his sissy baby girl im also his little maid too hehes X///3 and i love every second!!

Draw and everything by Charry


Yes it can be kind of nice and cool to spend sometimes in a wet and soggy diaper.

Cobalt – Fox Bondage (Clean)

Cobalt - Fox Bondage (Clean) Flo isn’t used to getting paid for doing something that brings him pleasure. What can I do with money? I can’t eat it. It smells funny…and not the nice smell, like from a dirty diaper. My momma said I could give the money to her…and I did.

Order by cobaltfox

Draw and text by OverFlo207


Someone understand this story together whit this drawing? This boy sure have a angry look on his face.

Baby Cheerleader, Yookey!

Baby Cheerleader, Yookey!Instead of the pompoms little Yookey shakes her butt in the air. xD

Red Panda Yookey

Draw and text by ReXam-1


What a cute little red panda style= cheerleader that we have here. She is dancing so everyone can see what a poofy and thick diaper that she is wearing below that skirt.

This is one cute move :)

Embarrassed Sissy

Embarrassed SissyI am trying to hide the wet state of my diaper but this dress is just too short to cover it. Now everyone can see how wet I am.

Wolf and text by muarauder12

Draw by Wen


Poor little wolf. Yes it is hard to hide the fact that you have wet your cute diaper when you are wearing a skirt.

Shopping with Taki

Shopping with TakiMaybe wearing such a short skirt to the Grocery store wasn’t such a great idea. You’re setting a bad example Taki! UuU

Characters in this drawing taki and spottykitten.

Draw and text by Wen


Yes spottykitten even big girls can have the needs to wear diaper if they dont have control over there bladder or bowel.