First day

First day‘Okay class. Be quiet!’
‘I’d like to introduce our new exchange student Oliver from Australia.
He’s going to spend the next few months with us.
Be nice to him, and help him to adapt as soon as possible!

It’s okay sweetie, no one will laugh at you, now sit down!

And now open your textbook at page 47…. ‘

Draw and everything by Skelbely


Poor little Oliver i think someone is going to laugh at this thick diaperd kangaroo lather when the teacher have left the classroom.

Plushie’s Revenge

Plushie's RevengeI love and adore all of my teddy bears and plushies, especially my Riley bear. That is why it came as such a shock to me when she organized a revolt and led some of her fellow plushies to enslave me. Her plan is to bind me to the crib and keep me there in diapers and sensory deprivation while her and her fellow plushies have fun around the house. I don’t know how long they plan on keeping me here but I did see Romulus setting a timer for one month before Riley pulled the blindfold over my eyes.

Features: Riley the Rainbow Bear, Roger the Bondage Bear, and Romulus the Werewolf.

Wolf and text by muarauder12

Draw by skelbely


Poor little wolf a month bondage in a crib is a weary long time and if they are going to keep you bondage all the time you body muscle is going to hurt allot when they are letting you go. If they are going to let you go.

Please don’t look at me!

Please don't look at me!Yikes!!!
Gosh dad, don’t sneak up on me like that!
Don’t you know how to knock?

Draw and everything by Skelbely


Poor rabbit it really seems like he ended up kind of scared that he starting to wetting his diaper. Poor little rabbit.

It’s still comfy

It's still comfyGetting a bit soggy, but still comfortable.

Draw and everything by Skelbely


Yes this diaper rabbit sure looks to still be very comfortable even if he have ended up whit a wet diaper. He looks to be very happy mode right now.

It’s that time of the day again

It's that time of the day again“The raccoon boy happily relieved himself one last time in his soaked diapers, knowing he’s going to be changed in a few minutes.
This has always been his favourite time of the day .
Nothing beats the feeling of a freshly changed nappy before you continue to play.” ^^

Draw and everything by Skelbely


Yes it sure looks like someone have ended up whit a wet diaper but i dont think that it need to be change yet. It looks like it can handle some more wet accident before it needs to be change.

Busy night

Busy nightCoyote FinbabyfurFinbabyfur

Rabbit and draw by Skelbely

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Yes it sure looks like someone ended up whit a wet and messy Abri Form X-Plus the last night. Good thing this diaper is thick so it can handle allot of accident during this coyote sleep.