Pretty Pretty Princess Syrus

Pretty Pretty Princess SyrusI force Syrus to dress up like a princess for me while I videotape him being a sissy baby!

Syrus belongs to Agumonofalchemy

Joe and above text belongs to warpwarp1929

Draw by Tato


Yes this type of video sure going to get tons and tons of views.

But Syrus sure going to have some hard weeks when it comes to being outside of the house if Joe do drop that video on the internet :(

That sure is not pretty nice thing of him to do.

The Weather Outside is Frightful

The Weather Outside is Frightful Orka-Aethyr and his Mommy.

Order by Orka-Aethyr

Draw by Wen


Yes it sure seems like this two really have a very relaxing and peaceful time watching the snow together.

Maybe someone soon is going to get out and have a fun time in the snow :) Doing allot of playing and snow angel :)

Babyfur Comic: Snowwhere to run part 2

Babyfur Comic:  Snowwhere to run part 2Looks like SnowtheBear has had a lovely day after all and he does make a very cute girl.

Order by SnowtheBear

Draw by BabyStar


Looks like everything turn out great after all :)

But it seems like she still ended up trowing a pretty big surprise at him. Now she is forcing him to waddling home wearing that thick diaper. How is his boy cloths going to fit over that thick diaper? This sure is going to be a problem :(

That sure is something we need to wait and see when the next page get released.

Sissy Pup at the Doctors

Sissy Pup at the Doctors

Soren~ getting a proper pampered prostate exam, they were being a fussy pup so the good doctor had to strap em in and put on the hypnosis screens to ease them, and of course diaper them, because we don’t need any accidents during the examination.

Order by Soren

Draw and above text by jimmy_rumshot


Yes it sure looks like his doctor have decided to give him a proper and intensive examination of his prostate.


SissychuA reward for Erakir by ludisluteo


Poor Raichu he sure have ended up i one kind of blushing situation here. At lest he is not standing there whit a soggy diaper i bet his face should be even more blushing red then he is now.

He sure look super sissy in this outfit.

As if they wernt soggy enough!

As if they wernt soggy enough!

Order by titled

Draw by Charry


Looks like someone really needs to hurry to clean the dungeon when he finely get released. Before the diaper start leaking and make the cleaning off the dungeon a little bit harder whit a dropping leaking diaper.