Intense training

Intense trainingDraw and everything by Charry

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Awww poor thing looks like he have some hard thing here to handle and it even seems like he have ended up whit a spanking before that :( Poor thing he sure dont look so happy about this situation at all and i can sure understand that :)

Babyfur Comic: And we all know how this went

And we all know how this wentFurrys in this drawing belongs to VincentLynx and Charry.

Draw by Charry after a id from babystar comic.

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Poor thing it sure seems like someone have been a very bad boy here. Ten spanks sure make your wounder what sort of bad things he have been up to? Maybe he dont have use his diaper as he suppose to?

The poor thing. It sure is good that he is wearing some nice and soft padding that make it a little easier to sit down. Otherwise his but should be hurting allot more.

Your New Life

Your New Life I was a very very bad kitty. So it was decided Id be a kitten again!

But my new mommy had another way of raising me in mind. No more silly and naughty boy things. Id become a proper pretty sissy girl instead!

Text and leopard belongs to Sadey_Mayfire

Draw by wen

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Poor Sadey_Mayfire looks like he is forced into allot of change in his life now when his mother have decide to start over and treat him like a girl instead.

Finding time to be a pretty princess can be hard

Poor Malabrutelooks like RaspberryPuppeh found out his biggest secret :(

He sure is going to be ending up in a lot of blushing moment. Now when RaspberryPuppeh have found out that he likes to dress up as a little princess and wearing diapers (ABU Lavender).

I sure wounder what kind of thoughts is running this two furrys heads right now.

Sissy maid part 3

Sissy maid part 3For fedora-wearing-fox byyourfur

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Looks like the sissy maid is completing his diaper usage by messing his diaper. It sure seems to be pretty well used now. That diaper sure have expended allot now when he decided to release his bowel into the waiting diaper.

But after all this is what a diaper is made for to handle and he sure have decide it to show everyone that :)

Sissy maid Part 2

Sissy maid Part 2For fedora-wearing-fox byyourfur

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Awww looks like the sissy maid finely decided to release his bladder and start using that thick diaper. It sure is one good move bay this maid and start using his diaper. It is no point in holding things back when you are wearing a thick and good diaper.