Birthday Stinker Skunker

Birthday Stinker SkunkerKatie Skunker who apparently is in the middle of some forced skunker training. Maybe once she’s done listening to her special music, she’ll be a much more behaved little stinker.

Katie kitkiama

Draw by Wen


Yes it seems like someone is busy making a stinky to the music.

Looks like the special music was right Katie sure going to be one stinky skunk soon.

A little time in the dungeon

A little time in the dungeon
i wonder what you did to earn such a tormenting punishment : o or maybe its some kind of reward hehe.

The cute blushing furry The_Char_Char

Draw and text by Charry


Poor diaperfur it seems like he is up for a couple of blushing moment in the dungeon.

I bet the vibrators on the floor make it feels kind of weird and maybe make him a little bit of horny to.

His face sure is blushing red right now.

Good sissy attitude adjustment

Good sissy attitude adjustmentDraw and everything by Charry


Poor boy it seems like he have ended up in some special sissy training here.

Welcome to Toy Town

Welcome to Toy TownAgumonofalchemy and Grimminhiscrib get caught up in the machinery of Toy town, and well…

Cubs: Agumonofalchemy and Grimminhiscrib

Draw by tato


Looks like this boys have end up in some bad situation on this conveyor belt where the machine have turn them into some sissy boys now and have force them wearing this skirt.

Princess Sissy Diaper wolf!

Princess Sissy Diaper wolf!Looks like nullifyme got into some trouble after sneaking into a sorority in the late night, to bad for the poor wolf these girls like to punish their victims. soon finding himself held down on a changing table, out numbered, they striped him, gagged him, picked out some rather girly sissy clothes, with matching mitts and muzzle, then made sure the wolf was fitted a permanent chastity cage and a rather snug plug up the bum and a Poofy diaper to complete the transformation, before being securely placed in a crib for all the girls to laugh at what a sissy they made of the trespasser.

Wolf: muarauder12

Draw and story by: jimmy_rumshot


Poor nullifyme it look like he have end up in a weary bad situation now when he decided to trespass and it dont look like the girl is going to release him anytime soon and the diaper that he is force to wear look to be weary well use now.

Sissy Training


It look like this boy have end up in a bad situation now when someone have decide that he need some sissy training bondage in a crib whit a thick diaper and sucking on a pacifier. Poor boy it dont look like he is going to be able to escape from this.