The silly dancing boss

The silly dancing boss
The silly dancing boss

Based on the ultra popular song made by: Loupy. and in these nice and silly dancings. The famous song has touched someone very close to Matt!

Matt:”Where does that music come from? Seems to be coming from the boss’s room! I’ll take a look!”

And to Matt’s surprise, the boss was also dancing to the rhythm music of the song “the crinkle butt!”

Matt(giggling):”Oh gosh!You look so silly,boss!”

The boss:”Thanx to your pups! They made of me another fan of this silly song!And I’m wearing a new diaper that will soon be for sale!Do you like it?”

Matt:”I love it, especially the kisses on each of your cheeks!”

The boss:”What are you waiting for? Come with me and shake your backside, till hurts our paws!”

Lineart by Victor and another silly story/colors by nelson88

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Yes i can agree that the boss look kind of silly in this dance. Special when he have this kiss print on the back on his diaper but i hope that he have a fun dancing time.