Ick, I hate being sick. At least dad knows how to take care of me.

Characters and text belongs to Island

Draw by marinaneira


Awww poor thing it sure is not so match fun to end up whit a cold and fever. Good thing you seems to have a good daddy that knows how to take good care of you :)

flu and thick Diapers = good combination

Wearing thick good diapers when you are sick sure is one good combination. It sure helps you when you are resting and the diaper needs to be thick. So it is able to handle your increase fluid intake. This diaper boy sure know how everything is working when you are a diaper lover and end up sick. I sure hopes he have someone that can handling his diaper change.

The little doctor!

The little doctor!Looks like that one of Lynnyx’s plush is sick!This is according to this little doctor!Heee,heee!
And definitely his medical recipe will be…lots of *hugs*!

Order by fredvegerano

Draw by lincub


Yes even teddy bears can get sick then it is good that you have a plush doctor in the house that can do a full check up on the sick plush to find out whats wrong and how to threat him to cure the sickness. And the best medicine for a plush is to receive allot of nice and cozy hugs :)

I hope this doctor can find the right cure for this sick plushy.

Paw Patrol:Achoo!

Paw Patrol:Achoo!“Achoo!”-Poor Chase, it seems that he has just gotten a cold or an allergy to cat hair!
And Marshall is ready for any emergency!

Marshall:”I’m coming!Ok Chase,turn around and show me your bottom!”
Chase:”What?Are kidding?”
Marshall:”I need to know if you have a cold or a simple allergy!To be sure,I will take your temperature  by your rear end!To find out if you have a fever!”
Chase:”No way! Not on my ass!”
Marshall:”No buts!Turn around and bottoms up!”
Chase:”Ok!All right!Chase is on the ca…aaaa…aaaa…ACHOOO!”

Marshall:”I’ll come back later and I will check the thermometer!”

And without words, Chase obeyed and remained in that “position” for a  long while!

And Chase thought:”I hope the other pups don’t find me in this very embarrassing position !Oh Marshall! You are so distracted! You put the thermometer upside down!”

A gift to PAWPatrolfan83

Lineart by Victor/colors and text by nelson88


Poor little husky it dont seems like he like to have his fever checked this way.


Still sick part 2

Hi dear readers

I am still home and sick in the asthma problem. I talk to the doctor again today over the phone and told him that i still have some coughing problems, and that I had vomited about 30 since we had seen last Thursday because of the cough so he have send in some paper to the Social Insurance that i am going to be sick to 18 October. So i have been home and so I have almost soon been home for two months.

He have take some blood test on me but i dont know any results yet.

Wounder what this is going to end whit?