Skunk Stance, Potty Pants

Skunk Stance, Potty Pants

The stinky messy skunks belongs to GibsonScratch

Draw by ShingekiSkunk


Aww it seems like this skunk have a upset tummy :( It sure seems like he have ended up whit a pretty stinky heavy diaper here. So heavy and big so his shortalls button cannot handle the pressure from the quickly expending diaper any more so it snap wide open exposing his very messy diaper.

Stupid Videogames

Stupid Videogames

Draw and everything by Fen


Aww poor thing looks like this kidfur have some trouble whit here video game :(

Looks like she have some trouble getting pass a hard point in the game :(

I sure wounder what it is for type of game that she is playing? I hope it is a fun game even if she right now seems to have some sort of trouble here.

One size too big

One size too bigShould’ve made sure the diaper doesn’t expand before he put it on.

The cat belongs to onewithlogic

Draw and above text belongs to BunnyKisses


Aww poor onewithlogic looks like his Shortalls dont have room for his thick and poofy diaper that he is wearing :(

It sure is bad when this sort of things happen.

It Won’t Fit!

It Won't Fit!
Poor Ozzy! Starbuck’s diapers are just too powerful for his shortalls… but what can you expect from a dragon that wears t-shirts like that?

Here’s hoping Ozzy can still walk after the change~

Text and order GibsonScratch and staring Ozzybear

Draw by Bunnykisses


Aww poor thing looks like he needs some new shortalls that have room for his new thick diaper :)

I sure think this thick and poofy diaper is going to make it hard for him to be able to walk. Poor thing or maybe they decide to change to a thinner diaper now when the new one did dent fit whit the cloths.

Or maybe he decide to walk around whit only wearing a t-shirt and a diaper :)

He sure have some decision to make now.

Squishy Diaper Play

Squishy Diaper PlayDraw and everything by ludisluteo


Aww looks like someone get a very special diaper time here. He sure have one special look in his eyes and face.  It sure look pretty cute together whit that pacifier that he is sucking on. Someone sure is going to release one big orgasm into that thick wet diaper :)

This sure is one amazing drawing :)

Babyfur Comic: Little Mishaps Page 3

Babyfur Comic: Little Mishaps Page 3With good friends, you’re never alone.

Furrys belongs to Starbuck and Heinrich!

Text by Starbuck

Draw by Tropicana


Yes it is always good to have some good and close friends :)

Now they are sitting there together whit messy stinky diapers in the sandbox playing whit the sand. I only hope they dont end up whit a diaper rash now for spending to many hours in a messy diaper. That sure should not be so good or fun.