Storms Are Scary

Storms Are Scary*Clings to jake and hides under a blanket*
Storms are scary and demand blankets, plushes, and snuggles to stay safe.

The scared for and above text by nightfox320

Draw by yuppup


A poor fox it sure seems like he has a very scary time right now :(

Good thing that he have his teddy to cuddling whit and good that he is wearing a diaper to. I bet someone soon is going to put it to some use :(

But that is what a diaper is made for. Maybe he should go and find his mother or father for some comfort?

Moth attack!

Moth attack!Something Agumonofalchemy commissioned showing LeonXIII and Culania being chased by diaper-eating moths!

Sketch and ink by Tato

Above text and other things: warpwarp1929


Wow diaper eating moths :( I sure hope they are not going to find there way to my home :)

It sure should not be so match fun to see them eat up all your diapers.

If they manage to get away they sure is going to be needing some new diapers. But they needs some new diapers any way because the moths sure seems to have eating some part of the diapers that they are wearing right now.


ShotsShots always suck.

Canid and text by RocketWuffPup

Draw by TakOttah


Yes i agree getting shots is newer nice and the big needle they use are always scary. But it helps to get a nice and yummy lollipop when all of this is over.

Monsters in the closet


Yes monster in the closet is some weary scary thing and something most kids believe exist. But the dad to this kid seems to need to think more what he is saying to his son in this type of situation.

Dr.Anna and the pups!

Dr.Anna and the pups!In this scene , Sammy and Remi were visiting the doctor!
In this pic, the twins are a little more  younger (some  years ago)and  a little nervous too when they were in the doctor’s office!

Dr.Anna:”Ok pups!Ready for your shots? So bottoms up!”

Remi asked timidly:”That’s gonna hurt don’t you think?”

Dr.Anna:”Just a little!”

And then the pups put a sad faces and little tears began to fall!

And the doctor  quickly said:”Awww!Don’t be afraid and don’t cry,pups!When this is over, I will give each of you a lollipop and a balloon!What you think?”

So the puppies were very happy and so the doctor also then able to finish his work with the twins!

*** Dr. Ana is based on the character from the tv series cartoon titled “Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog”!***

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88


For a pup can the visit to the doctor be weary scary special if they going to have shots. Hope they dont end up having a accident now when they dont wear any diapers. But i bet that is something that is normal for a doctor that it can happen when you working whit pups.