ProtanotopiaYure trying to deactivate a cesium bomb, while visibly upset for not being able to tell the difference between the pink wire and the gray wire.

Draw by Yure16


Poor little Yure it sure seems like he is having some big trouble whit this bomb. What should he do now?

Man The Life Boats!

Man The Life Boats!as Crunch piddled his diapers infront of Yure, Yure could no longer hold it in any longer and proceeded to drench his diaper. Crunch didn’t realize though that Yure had been holding it in for so long, that he ended up wetting for hours! cause a tsunami of urine! Crunch didn’t want to get soaked, so he sough refuge on a bench. it was there that he curled up on the bench in his soaked diaper and looked nervously at the piddle, hoping it would be over soon.

Crunch and text by poochyena

Yure and draw by yure16


This sure is a very big accident that Yure is having :)

This sure is one crazy story and it should be no fun to end up in something like this.

Sandshrew Accident

Sandshrew AccidentThe Sandshrew which it was cornered in a cliff and became scared, and he had a accident in his diaper.

Draw, text and Pokemon by wwa


Poor little Sandshrew it look like he end up whit a accident in his diaper when he got scard. Good thing it was there to handle it.

The scared pups!

The scared pups!Those pups think they can scare the boss,wearing masks and saying “boo”!But the boss was ready and he had  a little surprise for them!

The boss:”Look what I have for both of you!Say hello to Mr. Spanky!Which one of you wants to be on my lap?BOOOO!”

When the twins saw the spanking paddle, they  ran  scared!

I think to  hear the boss saying:”Those pups have received the scare of their lives!I’m pretty sure that  Matt will  need to change those pup’s diapers ,I think must be loaded  by the scare!-*giggling*”

***HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE(Be careful when you go out to trick or treat!)***

Lineart by Victor/colors and text by: nelson88


Yes i can understand that the pup get scared when they thought they should get spanked for the the Boo thing.