Abri Form Junior

It look like Abena have release a new type of smaller diaper for kids that are between 5-15 years old.

Abri Form JuniorDeprecation

Abri-Form Junior is Abena’s disposable diapers for teenagers and children, designed specifically to fit juniors between 5-15 years that suffer from quick and uncontrolled urination.

Abena’s youth diapers offer a narrower core and a smaller leg cut, which makes them a perfect choice as nappies for teenagers. Strong elastic curves and flexible tapes also make this junior incontinence product a suitable solution when looking for nappies for disabled children.

Abri-Form Junior provides full breathability and a fast absorbing sub-layer that spreads the liquid and makes the user feel dry even after leakage.


  • Strong curved elastics
  • Flexible tapes
  • Full breathability
  • Non-woven sub-layer
  • Textile backsheet
  • Optimum, variable fit

You can order the diaper on SaveExpress.

Christmas order from SaveExpress

Soon is it Christmas and that can be a good time to stack up some more diapers now when you are going to spend the holidays at home. So you have the diapers for the year that is coming. And like always i shop my diapers from SaveExpress and this time i order this diapers:

14163312,12EUR36,36 EUR
Abri Form M4 xPlus medium ,Slip,weiss ,, FOLIE 14er Packung
Neutrale Verpackung – neutral packing
3AKTION001117,99EUR17,99 EUR
Tena Slip Maxi , medium ,weiss/lila , ,24er Packung
4HEC40350117,29EUR7,29 EUR
Abri-Let Maxi 15x57cm Vorlage Abena ,30er Packung
5MDMST21,19EUR2,38 EUR
MyDiaper comfort Windel Gr.M ,weiss-bunt, Einzelstueck

I going to receive my order 23 December yes that is the day before Christmas and that day is the perfect day to receive some more diapers. Do you not agree?

SaveExpress have night open then 7/12

SaveExpress have night open In December the 12/07/2013 Saturday from 15 to 20, it is time again for our popular pre-Christmas shopping evening. Customers from Munich to Aalborg have already registered to experience the special offer. Coffee and snacks will be offered this night.

We look forward to your visit and hope you will pick up something nice that you can wear this Christmas.
Address: Mayor-Ramcke-Str. 2 in 25485 Hemdingen Germany

Have received my order that i made 4 September

Today i received my order that i made from SaveExpress then 4 September. And to my big surprise was one of the diaper package (ID Expert Slip Super) was so big i have newer seen this wide diaper package before. One other surprise was that they have some information about the diaper on the back of there diaper package. This is something that i have miss allot this make the adult diaper packages look more like the diaper package do for babys. This is something that i put some wight on and i think it is bad that company that makes adult baby diaper dont have this type of things on there package that should be something nice and add some extra baby feelings on this to.

Super Seni Quatro Windel and ID Expert Slip Super
ID Expert Slip Super
ID Expert Slip Super
Super Seni Quatro Windel
Super Seni Quatro Windel

I hope that you like the photos i have fix that show you how the diaper package is look like.

Place an order on SaveExpress 4 September

I talk about this yesterday that i was thinking about to place an order on SaveExpress but i was not sure when i should do that. This morning i decide that i should place an order and this what was i order from the shop:

1BD-061-TO75-00411,54EUR1,54 EUR
bella baby Happy – Pflegecreme a 50ml Tube
Neutrale Verpackung – neutral packing
3BD-061-B200-006_112,32EUR2,32 EUR
bella Baby Happy – Baby Oel a 200ml. (Oliwka)
45620275280119,89EUR19,89 EUR
ID Expert Slip Super ,medium ,weiss/gruen, FOLIE, ,28er Packung
5NDXZ1013,33EUR3,33 EUR
asid Elca med Enthaarungscreme 75ml PZN4184480
60315109917,17EUR7,17 EUR
Super Seni Quatro Windel medium Gr.2 rosa, 10er Packung
7GRATIS110,01EUR0,01 EUR

I hope that i going to like the new diapers that i have decide to try this time.

SaveExpress have a new product – ID Expert Slip Super

ID Expert Slip Super
ID Expert Slip Super.

ID SLIP are all-in-one briefs offering an effective solution for managing moderate to heavy incontinence. With a high level of absorption, the all-in-ones provide the user with anti-leakage security and optimal comfort. They are particularly recommended for people with limited mobility or who are confined to bed.

Absorbency: 3250ml


Photos and text are coming from http://www.id-direct.com/ukb2c/en/home.html

This new diaper that SaveExpress have add in there store look like it can be something to try out next time i place an order whit them. But i dont know when that going to be right now. I have allot of diapers at home so i dont need to restock any thing right now. But maybe i place a small order so i can get the chance to try this ID Expert Slip Super.

What do you think? Have you had a chance to try this diapers? If you have that it should be nice if you could share whit the rest of us what your think about this product. If you think this diaper is something that people should try.