Received Two Package Today

I received this two package today from two different online diaper store.

A little package that i received from ABDLFactory today that included this two items:

1 package ABU Space Diaper
1 package Maxi Slip Inlay

A package from Save express that include following items:

2 package  MyDiaper Animal
1 package Abri-Let Maxi

A closer lock on the MyDiaper Animal package.


Rearz Spoiled are now available in Europe

Finally is the Rearz Spoiled ABDL diaper created by Rearz available in Europe in the following two online stores and and the price seems to be around 25-26 euro for a package of 12 diapers.

Rearz SpoiledProduct description.

Super high end adult diapers also incorporating BEST QUALITY brand name 4th Generation SAP.
With a 4x faster fluid acquisition rate, better retaining power, even under pressure and higher absorption capacity
Brand name tapes, thick USA grade A Fluff, tall standing leg cuffs, elastic waistbands on front and back, tape landing zone and thick Vintage style Plastic backing.

With colorful baby foot print

Max. absorption: 4500ml-5000ml

The product can be order from and

Complete list of shops that sell Crinklz

This is the stores that currently have the Crinklz in stock ready for shipping.

Source for the list

Strange that it dont seems like no store in USA have the Crinklz for sell at the start.

Save Express Have Start The Shipping On Crinklz

Today it seems that Save Express have start the shipping on the new Crinklz diaper. I have mad a order and hope that i going to get my package at the end off the week or the beginning on the next week. I going to post some photos when i have receive the package.


If you wont to place a order on this Crinklz you can find them here: