Riolu wetting the bed?

Can it be that Riolu have found out that he have start wetting the bed?

Poor Riolu it seems like it is maybe back to diapers for him now.

Mobile recording on a blushing diaperfur

Awww looks like someone decided to recording this blushing diaperfur that try everything to cover his wet diaper. Seems to be weary hard thing for him to do :(

Blushing diaperd Decidueye/Juniper

Translation of the text

Due to the ghosts given to the type, Juniper, who became weak, became traumatized with ghost type trials and had a habit of getting into bed so that his husband got to be napped every night for his husband

Poor Juniper it sure looks like he is not use to be back into diapers yet.

Forced wetting a open diaper – Satuki_rabbit

Poor boy it looks like this girl is force him to wetting a open diaper then she decide to tape it around his wait so he could feel the wet diaper around his waist and pee pee. Look how embarrass he is about this situation.

Very blushing diaper check – Satuki_rabbit

aww looks like someone have ended up whit a wet diaper. You dont need to be blushing this match about that you still need to wear diaper little boy. Potty training can be a difficult task to manage.

Blushing Shinx and Luxray

Blushing Luxray 1Blushing Luxray 2

Blushing ShinxPhotos uploaded by Satuki_rabbit on Twitter

Aww here we have a couple of blushing Shinx and Luxray that dont seems to be use to the situation that they still need to wear diapers. Looks like they all have ended up using there diapers to.