Luxe bedwetting – Satuki_rabbit

Poor Luxe looks like he is going to need to start wearing some protection here. He sure have one big wet spot on his bed and cloths now.

Bondage and leaking diaper – Satuki_rabbit

Awww someone sure have ended up in a blushing embarrassing situation here. Bondage and the diaper he is wearing have start leaking pretty bad.

Luxe before bed at night – Satuki_rabbit

At lest he is a good boy and wear his pull ups. So he is well protected for his night time accident so he dont end up whit a wet and soggy bed. That should be even more blushing then a soggy diaper and match less cleaning to be handling whit.

Blushing wet diaper morning – Satuki_rabbit

Poor little bunny it seems like he have wake up whit a soggy wet diaper this morning. At least it was there to handle his night time accidents.

Blushing Lycanroc

Poor blushing Lycanroc looks like he have ended up whit one soggy wet diaper here. No need to be blushing about a wet diaper good thing it was there to handle your accident.

Public diaper exposed – Satuki_rabbit

Poor furry looks like someone have found out this furrys big secret.