The yummy sandwich

Testy sandwichRicky is eating a peanut butter sandwich, just as mom prepared for him

Ah childhood~

Ricky: pichuboy

Draw and text by: pichu90


Aww this is so super cute. It look like Ricky really love the peanut butter sandwich that his mom have prepared for him. Se how happy he is when he fell the taste of it in his cute little mouth.

Diaper Challenge Progress

Diaper Challenge Progress
If you have no idea what this picture is referring to, here’s a link! :

This was me a couple hours ago (Yes, this actually happened) when I was doing my diaper challenge, (I have to stay in my diaper for as long as you guys tell me to), so far I’ve been at it for 22 hours, and only changed once. (I’m allowed to change my diaper 2 hours after I mess it). Long story short; SaberMantis decided to add an hour to my time after I messed my diaper, so I had to stay in it for 3 hours instead of 2, and I regretted eating those 5 grilled cheese sandwiches, because they didn’t smell so good after I had digested them. xD

Story and draw by: Poke-anima


Yes it is easy to understand how match the diaper stinks now when you have where this messy diaper for 3 hours. Hope they let you change the diaper soon.