Foxys Pokemon Go Adventure 24/8-2016

A new day and a new hunt. Today i manage to hatch a Scyther and that was a new Pokemon in my Pokedex. Today’s goal was that i was trying to catch some more Pikachu so i walked to the spot where i know there like to spawn but i did dent manage to find any Pikachu this day :(  So i did dent manage to manage the goal that i had for today. But i manage to lover some level 4 gym’s so for the first time i could collect reward to have Pokemon on 4 different gym. So that was kind of nice to do and i receive a good emanate of XP to during this battles to.

And now to some photos of some of the Pokemon that i find or hatch today.


Here is some stats from my trainer account.



Sandshrew Accident

Sandshrew AccidentThe Sandshrew which it was cornered in a cliff and became scared, and he had a accident in his diaper.

Draw, text and Pokemon by wwa


Poor little Sandshrew it look like he end up whit a accident in his diaper when he got scard. Good thing it was there to handle it.