Bought my first 3D television today

Today I bought my first 3D TV even though it was not something that i had decided that i would do that when i enter the store this morning. But you know when you are standing there watching and thinking, you become hungry for some new things that you could play whit. So i decided that it should be the right time for me to invest my self in a new TV. I also got a very good price because he gave me 1000 SEK discount but I do not really know why. Is there a day that you should shop for a new TV, it feels that it should be under the Christmas sales.

The TV that I finally decided I was a 40 incher because I thought that today’s 32 incher felt to small and tiny so i decided for a 40 inched TV instead.  As I also mentioned in the title so it became a television that supports 3D because I had decided that the next TV that I bought would be such. So the only things left for me to do is to bought my self a 3D movie that i should like to watch. The old TV that i had has been sold now so i dont need to think about that one any more. se_UE40F6645SBXXE_004_Front_blackHere is a picture so you can see how the new tv looks like. And did a mention that i was in diapers when i bought this thing :)

Upgraded my computer

Today i decided it was time to upgrade some component on my computer. And i bought my computer stuff from a Swedish Internet company  by name I always bought my computer stuff from this company. And i bought this things to my computer EVGA GeForce GTX 770 2GB PhysX CUDA and a new SSD Samsung SSD 840 PROSeries 128GB 2.5″ OEM

I hope this is going to help to speed up my computer and improve some games preferment. And whit this Graphic card i can play the new Battlefield 4 when it going to be released and that is awesome. I think and hope i going to get this new thing on Monday and that is awesome and fast delivery.