Babyfur comic: Big Kid Pants Part 27

Babyfur comic: Big Kid Pants Part 27Lots of squishy messy fun in this one! I’ve been on both sides of the spoon in this scenario in real life :3

Draw and everything by cargoweasel

Check out his Patreon:


Looks like Liam brithday party is tacking a whole new lever now :)

He sure is one supper happy mouse right now and i hope the cake was nice and yummy to eat  :)



Being super soggy this morning – YoruPup

Someone sure seems to have ended up whit a very heavy diaper this morning. Only hope that the diaper did dent end up leaking during the night.

Most be kind of nice to be playing whit that squishy thing :)

Lost His Skip!

Lost His Skip!

Looks like lilbooga needs to change up. Bro is struggling to keep up with the others!

This kangaroo belongs to lilbooga

Draw and above text by Kay


Aww poor thing looks like this heavy sagging diaper is holding him down :(

maybe it is time to go and find mommy and ask if she could change him into a dry diaper. It really seems like he is in need of a diaper change here.

Diaper tester

Diaper tester

Order by furrychrome

Draw by ??


It sure seems like someone is really good on his job as a diaper tester. This sure is one heavy diaper that he have ended up whit and it sure seems like the diaper manage to do its job pretty well. I sure think we all can agree on this part that this diaper sure pass the test whit flying colors :)

Sagging soggy diaper – puppy_reese

Yes i think we all can agree that this Tykables Overnight diaper sure have done it job perfect here to handle all your accident during your sleep. Good thing you was such a good boy and put it on before you was visiting the dream land :)

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Adult baby Comic: Aether Foundation Page 3

Adult baby Comic: Aether Foundation Page 3This is a collab between Rogeykun and tato


He sure letting go big time here and really flooding his diaper. Look how heavy and squishy he diaper is after only one wetting.

Someone really sure know how to make some good use on his diaper here ;)

But it dont seems like he wont to be a part of a diaper change ;)

I sure hope we are going to see more part of this comic.

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