Messy diaper butt – xephy_buns

Messy diaper butt

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Awww looks like someone have ended up whit one stinky diaper during the night and he sure seems to be happy about it.

Someone sure is going to have a special moment to clean this up.

This wolf sure needs a new diaper.

Where is your brother? – xephy_buns

Where is your brother?

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I sure think that the boys brother have ended up inside his brothers tummy and now the brother is pushing him out into the waiting diaper. I sure wounder what his mother is going to find inside this cubs diaper?

Sagging big baby diaper – foxehhyz

Aww looks like someone needs to change this big babyfurs diaper. It sure seems like the furry have release one big load into the diaper from the look on how sagging his diaper butt seems to be.

But who is going to change the diaper? It sure most be pretty stinky around this big cub right now.

Just an innocent saggy SDK :)

This girl sure have one sagging diaper butt right now. I think she sure needs to start thinking about changing here diaper now before it start leaking in the middle of the kitchen.

The train’s bathroom must be out of order…or is it? – xephy_buns

The train's bathroom must be out of order...or is it?

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Maybe the train’s bathroom is working but any way he sure needs to find a place to change that well used diaper that he have ended up whit. It sure seems to be pretty ready for a change now before it start leaking.

But he sure look to be pretty happy about his state of the diaper.

Daycare and surprise diaper check – xephy_buns

Daycare and surprise diaper check

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Yes it sure seems like he is in need of a new clean diaper. The diaper he is wearing now sure seems to be pretty well used ;)

He sure is blushing big time here during the surprise diaper check :)