A looming challenge

A looming challengeData’s never faced a diaper he couldn’t change and kratox ‘s won’t be the first to change that!

Wonderful commission I snagged from the saggy but kratox himself!

Order and text by Datahazard64

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/26874778/

Wow it sure going to be a challenge for Data’s to change this big furry s soggy diaper. But it sure seems that kratox is in need of a diaper change right now. His diaper sure seems to be pretty saggy right now and i bet it is close to start leaking to.

One super soggy ABU Space Diaper – arcticjayfox



It sure seems like arcticjayfox have put his ABU Space Diaper to some very good use. Look how heavy and sagging it is between his legs. The only bad thing he seems to come up whit this diaper is that its dont seems to be the right diaper for him to be using. That is kind of sad :( But i sure think he have loot of other diapers that he like.