Not yet kitten!

Not yet kitten!

Bound and trapped in my diaper till its soaked all the way through. Guess Im going to be stuck like this for a while longer~

Order and text by Sadey_Mayfire

Draw by tabitabi


Poor thing looks like he needs to be using his diaper pretty more before he gets his diaper changed.

Your New Life

Your New Life I was a very very bad kitty. So it was decided Id be a kitten again!

But my new mommy had another way of raising me in mind. No more silly and naughty boy things. Id become a proper pretty sissy girl instead!

Text and leopard belongs to Sadey_Mayfire

Draw by wen


Poor Sadey_Mayfire looks like he is forced into allot of change in his life now when his mother have decide to start over and treat him like a girl instead.