Fwo and RyeRye-Kins – Lil Stinker

Fwo and RyeRye-Kins - Lil Stinkerhere’s RyeRye, babysitting my little puppy butt. Unfortunetly Fwo got a little greedy during snack time and totally pigged out before his afternoon walk, soooo….he kinda had a little stinky accident in the middle of his walkies. But thankfully babysitter RyeRye came to his rescue, and got Fwo’s stinky booty to a public restroom, where he gave the pup a well-needed diaper change. Needless to say, Fwo was quite embarrassed, but he got to wear his sitter’s crown for a while, so that cheered him up a bit. He was RyeRye’s stinky little princess.

A gift to RyeRye-kins

Draw by OverFlo207

Source: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Fwo-and-RyeRye-Kins-Lil-Stinker-Clean-636362775

Yes poor little pup it sure looks like she made a big stinky mess in here diaper.