Uh…. too late..

Uh.... too late..Poor kid just come home from playing outside, bursting to pee, he think it is just nice if he also take a bath, so he take a time to take off his shirt and go to the toilet for pee, but…. it’s too late :D he having accident there.

Draw and everything by RuugiaRuu

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8081479/

Aww poor little cat it seems like he was to late to make it to the potty in time. Wounder if his mother is going to decide to put him back in diapers now when he hade a pants accident?

Renchu is blushing over his wet diaper

Renchu is blushing over his wet diaperRaichu renchu

Draw by RuugiaRuu

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8275813/

Poor little Renchu it seems like he have a little hard time to accepting that he have ended up whit a accident in his diaper. Poor little chu you are wearing your diapers that helps you handle when you have a accident so you dont pee on the floor or something else. That is nothing to be blushing about little cute pie.

Pikachu has a wetting accident

Pikachu has a wetting accidentpoor Pikachu just can’t hold it anyway.

Draw and everything by RuugiaRuu

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8297871/

Poor little Pikachu it seems like the potty training is failing him now. Maybe it is for the best if Pikachu was put back into some nice diapers youst in case that he have another accident.

Poor boy i can understand how embarrassing it can be to have a wetting accident. Maybe it is for the best if you wear diapers again. Potty training is a hard skill to master.

Foxy on Diaper Package

Foxy on Diaper PackageFoxys mother was looking in the newspaper on morning when she notes a special ad text about a new diaper company that was looking for a cute cub that could be on the diaper package and in the commercial on the TV. Foxys mom thought this could be a awesome thing. So see send in a pitcher on Foxy whit some information about him (Age information, other stuff and of curse what she think how a diaper should work and look like).

A couple of weeks lather she receive a mail from the company and it seems like Foxy have won. So now can Foxys mother she him on the TV some time and in the store when she bought the baby stuff.

And now you maybe wounder if she get something more? And the answer is yes 1 years supply of the diaper. So it look like Foxy dont going to be potty trained for some time now. They have allot of free diapers now that he can use :)

Draw by: ruugiaruu

Worker… eh..

Worker... eh..
Worker… eh..

Draw and fix by: RuugiaRuu

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10903054/

It seems that we have found this worker whit a very cute butt nad that is a diaper butt of cures :) Seams it was some trouble whit the pants or something. Hope that no one is notes this and that she can get the pants back on very soon before some one is notes this. Can be kind of hard to explain about the diaper. At lest it is not wet or messy that should be something even more blushing if it was use. But in other hand that is what diaper is for but it is not that fun if people found out about it in this sort of way. I can only hope this work out for the best whit this cat and that she can return to work soon whiteout any needs to explain about the diaper she is wearing. At lest she is showing what type of cute and cozy diaper butt she is having right now.

Potty Dances at Sunset

Potty Dances at Sunset
Potty Dances at Sunset

Coren and Lepkitty were forced to wear big kid underwear for the first time in their lives… Quite traumatic for three year olds who love their diapers… After a day of refusing to use the potty, in favor of daytime bedwetting, Coren came up with the idea that the two kittens could snatch up every pair of underwear that the parents had given either of them, and pile them up atop mommy’s bed at sunset while she was out shopping. They would then take their most recent soaked diapers from the pail, put them back on, and dance on top of the pile of underwear before flooding themselves and making a huge stain in mommy’s mattress, ruining every pair of underwear they had. Sure, they’d get spanked when mommy got home, but they’d be back in diapers for a while longer, and that’s all that really mattered.

Art ©  ruugiaruu
Coren © Coren
Lepkitty © lepkitty

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10666457/

This is the first time i have sean this type of Potty dance. It seams that this two cubs relay would like to be back in diapers 24/7 when they use the old and wet diapers for something like this. The face expression on lepkitty is kind of special. I hope this plane work for them and mom decide to put them back to diapers 27/7 for that seams clear to me that is what they wont the most.