Office reality

Office realitySet in Regression in the workplace universe, here Miss Lovecraft decides someone needs a little time out, best be careful there Feef, those reality warping effects can be bigger than you realize…

Order and above text by Runt

Draw by babystar


Awww looks like someone have ended up using his diaper a little to :)

Babyfur Comic: Happy Campers Page 1

Babyfur Comic: Happy Campers Page 1Diaper change montages are the best montages

Draw by ChocolateKitsune

Flat colours kindly provided by Runt


Yes it sure is something special when it comes to diaper changing drawings. But it sure seems like we have a caretaker here that knows what she is doing :)

Waiting for Santa

Waiting for SantaLittle Fiona was so sure she could wait up for Santa, she knew he was real and just wanted to give him a big puppy kiss thanking him for how awesome he’d been.

But little puppies don’t really have the staying power for late nights, so she fell asleep curled up in front of the fire place as Santa arrived.1

Fiona and text by Runt

Gift art drifterkitty

Draw by fluffmoth


I am not surprised that Fiona did dent have the power to be up and wait for Santa when he arrives whit all the presents

PokéDigital Monsters

PokéDigital MonstersLooks like Fiona is trying out the latest version of her game, she always names all her minions after friends of hers and here it looks like her loyal “Acepup” is trying out a new attack!

Fiona and text: Runt


Draw by catmonkshiro


A new short of PokéDigital game?