Rugrats scary potty

Poor Tommy but potty sure can be kind of scary thing to be around :( And it seems like you ended up in the monsters eye :( I sure hope you are able to get away soon.

Jurassic Baby

Jurassic BabyNow when you are an adult baby way dont wear something cute that remembers you about your childhood TV show the Rugrats.

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What happened with the pacifier?

What happened with the pacifier?It was an ordinary day for Pikachu. He enjoyed to suck on his pacifier as all babies do. He decided suddenly that he would check into the diaper to see what he could find there. He had recently watched an episode of Rugrats where Tommy had picked up a screwdriver he had in the diaper. So he wanted to check if he had one to. But just as he began to open the front of the diaper so his pacifier fell down and now it looks like the diaper sucking on the pacifier instead of Pikachu.

Pikachu was so surprised and he did not know immediately what he would do because he was missing his pacifier. But he did not want to take it from the diaper because it is cruel not to share.

So what should Pikachu do now? Should he take the pacifier anyway or let it be? He rally wont to have it back becours he miss it.

Draw by: veemonsito

Foxy plays whit leaf

Foxy plays whit leaf
Foxy plays whit leaf.

Foxy was out playing whit some leaf that he have found in the yard when he come up whit a great ide. That he should take some leaf whit him inside so he can show his mom what he have found. But it was one problem how should he bring them inside when he dont have any thing he can put them in. Then he come up whit a great ide he have his diaper that he can put them in. He have seen that in a TV show that you can put things inside the diaper (Foxy was thinking about Rugrats). so Foxy starting to put the leaf inside his diaper so he can bring them inside and show his mom what beautiful leaf he have found when he was out playing.

But one thing that Foxy not thought about if he have the leaf inside his diaper should they still be that beautiful when he take them out? And what should Foxys mom say when she found out about this?

Draw by: rogeykun

Rugrats Special Scene – Video

This clip is from Reptar on Ice.

I can understand that tommy have some hard time to focus when that lizard is running around in his diaper. That is only something a toddler can think about to put something like that in his diaper. But you can see that tommy have puts allot of different thing in his diaper like his toy screwdriver.

I remember that i love to watch Rugrats when i was a kid and i still love to watch it. How about you? have you watch Rugrats some time?