Padded Pride

Padded Pride
Most of you know I’m not afraid to show off my padded rear and have fun. ^^
Sparked an idea of doing Tags to show off your padded pride. Proof in the POOF!!

Rodent, text and draw by: TaviMunk


Finely TaviMunk is showing his poofy diaper butt to every furry and it sure looks very poofy.

If you wont you can order one to from TaviMunk homepage and you find the address here below.!calendar/cp4m

Testing a new Diaper

Testing a new Diaperhere is my chinchilla girl trying the Fairy bun´s diapers :)

here come the flood :P

Draw, text and rodent by ConejoBlanco


What a super cute drawing and what a nice diaper design she have come up whit. It look very cute and fit this rodent good. Only hope the new diaper can handle the big flood that she is going to release into it soon.