Saved thanks to diapers

Saved thanks to diapersDraw and everything by ConejoBlanco

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Wearing diapers can sure be a good thing Special if you forget about the potty during playtime.

Princess Time Picky

Princess Time PickyRodentPickyzim

Draw by catmonkshiro

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Yes it sure seems like this rodent could have his diaper changed it starting to leak.

A Hard Push

A Hard PushHaving a bit a struggle but it’s what a baby has got to do-do.

Rodent and text by Pickyzim

Draw by TakOttah

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Aww poor little rodent it looks like he is having a hard time messing his diaper :(

Looks to be kind of painful to :(

acemunk grow into them

acemunk grow into themsorry acepup… but i think you’re always gonna be a bit too small for those :P

Rodent acepup

Draw and text by catmonkshiro

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Yes i agree it seems like this cute little rodent is to young to be wearing any pull ups at this time.

Tavi Munk train sleeper concept

Tavi Munk train sleeper conceptWas drawing out a design for my next footed sleeper. Planning on having this for MFM since the theme is about trains. I will say, I need to draw my for fursona more often. Helps me keep in touch with my little side.

Draw and everything by TaviMunk

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This is going to fit TaviMunk 100% he really love his trains.