It’s too biiiiiig!

It's too biiiiiig!I can’t walk! ;3;

Masika and text by RocketWuffPup

Draw by kay


Poor little thing your night diaper have always been this thick. The diaper need to be this thick so it could keep up whit your bladder and keep your bed dry. You dont wont to wake up in a cold wet bed? I can tell you that is not something nice.


ShotsShots always suck.

Canid and text by RocketWuffPup

Draw by TakOttah


Yes i agree getting shots is newer nice and the big needle they use are always scary. But it helps to get a nice and yummy lollipop when all of this is over.

Officially Un-Potty trained

Officially Un-Potty trainedYup, it’s all in the picture c:

Cub and text by RocketWuffPup

Draw by Gordo


Poor little cub its look like he have failed his potty training and that it is back to diaper 24/7 for this little cub.

I hope that the no other cubs that he plays whit is going to teasing him about that he is back to wearing diapers again.

Climbing the couch

Climbing the couchCute baby RocketWuffPup

Draw by Diapered-buns


Looks like we have a cute little cub here that trying to climb on to a couch. That is good that he have a thick diaper butt if he falls down it going to protect his butt from getting hurt :)

This is a super cute pose :)