The robot!

The robot!
The robot!

You may wonder what the hell happened here!Well, to make the story a little shorter, the boss had recently acquired a robot!And that day the teachers had brought their elementary school students on an excursion to visit the boss’s company!

As always, the warnings of the teachers began:
“Don’t touch!Touch with your eyes and see with your hands!Behave!”

But … something always has to happen …Remi and Foxy did mischief and by “accident”, they activated the boss’s robot!

One of the main functions of the robot was … everyone who activate him without the boss’s voice command and his permission , will be automatically spanked!

Foxy:”I want my mommy!”
The boss:” I can’t turn off the robot,boys! The instructions say,he will turn off when he finishes the spanking!”

Definitely…boys will be boys…and curious too!

Guest character invited Foxy (abdl86)

Lineart by Victor/colors and story by: nelson88

It look like Foxy is going to have a toasted but soon to.