Olivia and the magic nursery Part 2

Olivia and the magic nursery Part 2It’s been six months and “poor” Olivia still hasn’t figured out how to escape the nursery. Is she even trying ? Hmmm… <.<

Draw and everything by The-Padded-Room

Source: https://www.deviantart.com/the-padded-room/art/Olivia-and-the-magic-nursery-Part-2-767080089

That sure is a pretty long time that Olivia have been force to spend the time in this nursery. And bye now i bet she have been pretty use to wetting and messy the thick diaper so she maybe is doing so whiteout thinking about it. Poor thing i bet she is newer going to be able to escape this special nursery.

Olivia and the magic nursery

Olivia and the magic nursery

The arrival of a new babysitter at a certain teddy bears’ nursery takes an unexpectedly fluffy and crinkly turn.

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Draw and everything by The-Padded-Room

Source: https://www.deviantart.com/the-padded-room/art/Olivia-and-the-magic-nursery-766733931

Yes it sure seems like this magic automatic nursery decided to take good care of this new babysitter :)

It is amazing that the robot nursery was able to find some good diapers that was able to fit this big baby :) But the new baby dont seems to be so happy about the result :(

Babyfur Comic: The scoop of the century pg 4

Babyfur Comic: The scoop of the century pg 4

Looks like ace_fox84 has discovered something unexpected.

Order by ace_fox84

Draw and above text by BabyStar

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/28801961/

Yes this big suppositories sure is going to help him making one big mess in his diaper during his beddybyes. But i am not sure what the stuff she inject in his pee pee is going to do. But i bet we are going to find that out in the next page maybe?

He sure have ended up in a special situation here and i am sure wounder what is going to happen in the next page of this comic.

Babyfur Comic: The scoop of the century pg2

Babyfur Comic: The scoop of the century pg2

Looks like ace_fox84 has gota new mummy whether he likes it or not :D

Order by ace_fox84

Draw by BabyStar

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/28007677/

Poor thing look like his new mommy did dent find a diaper to check when she look to she if the baby needed to be changed.

And what even worse she think that ace_fox84 is a girl and not a boy. Poor thing how is he going to get out of this mess?

But it sure seems like he is going to be force back to diaper pretty soon. Special now when they are heading to the changing table.


Naru and Motoko – Nursery Nightmare

Naru and Motoko - Nursery NightmareHina being mercilessly pampered, paddled, and thoroughly babied to no end! Naru’s trying to hold out by keeping herself from being placed down in the Crib, because she knows once she’s in, there’s no getting out! Unfortunately for Motoko, she’s much more helpless as she’s paddled and spanked to no end, and is enduring a large bar of soap in her mouth.

Whoever’s doing this, is making sure Naru and Motoko are NOT in for a fun time~!

commission ???

Draw 34Qucker ???

Text 34Qucker

Source: https://www.deviantart.com/art/Naru-and-Motoko-Nursery-Nightmare-714975011

This two girls sure not going to have some fun time the coming days. It going to take them some time to get use tho this baby treatment.


Auto-nurseryViken was left in the professional care of a newly finished and fully automated nurseries! Luck for her the machine will keep her cozy and dry all day long.

Draw by Bunny-Butt

Viken VikenWelopl

Text by Mintypaws

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/24593909/

Poor Viken looks like the machine have detected that she have ended up whit a pretty soggy diaper and should be changed.

Poor Viken she sure have one blushing face right now.