Babyfur Comic: Click here to be regressed

Babyfur Comic:  Click here to be regressed

Order by Rogeykun and draw by robbieFTT


Looks like this bird had allot of fun today and i bet she is going to have a nice sleep now :)

I hope she have some sweet dreams :)

One Size Fits All

One Size Fits AllNino and Petunia sneak into Lily’s room and discovers her secret stash, of course Nino is all to eager to try the much taller lady’s padding on. But it’s not long until the two girls get caught red handed!

A trade between sage182 and RobbieFTT

Draw by RobbieFTT for sage182


Poor girl looks like here secret is out now when the girls have found here stash but i think this diapers is little to big for this girls. at least the diapers is going to keep the girl nice and comfy for a very long time.

Wiggle for the camera

Wiggle for the cameraSketch by robbieFTT

Coloring, shading and order by Rogeykun


Awww it looks like someone wont to take a photo whit there phone on Dees cute diaper butt.

It sure looks all thick and cozy.

Gardevoir’s Daycare

Gardevoir's DaycareRosa and Hilda have been kidnapped and babied by a motherly Gardevoir, all their attempts to resist have not been very effective.

Order by SeiryuYamato

Draw and text by RobbieFTT


Poor girl it really seems like she is in a big of a trouble now when Gardevoir have the power over here. Looks like she is going to be trap in this Gardevoir care for a very long time.

At least someone is happy over the situation.

Sophie’s Curse

Sophie's CurseSophie magics Reiko into some fluffy princess padding and renders her dependent on them for the foreseeable future~

Reiko belongs to kaijumorpher_V2

Draw by RobbieFTT


Yes it sure looks like Reiko have end up in a very blushing situation when she was outside the bathroom door and Sophie decide to use some special magic on Reiko.

Birthday Wish

Birthday WishGift to armorkuwagata from jaymanney4life

Draw by RobbieFTT

Looks like the wish she make worked and she get the baby that she was wished for when she blew out the candles on the cake.