Radix Badge

Radix BadgeRaccoon radix

Draw by roareyraccoon

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20253040/

What a cute raccoon badge we have here. Radix look so happy on this badge :) I bet he is going to do something supper fun soon.

Tailsy Badge

Tailsy BadgeFox: Tails

Draw by roareyraccoon

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17132893/

So cute looks like we have a very happy cub here and what a cute diaper that he is wearing to i really love the design on it.

Thanks to some special artist

I would like to send a thanks to some special artist that i think make a wonderful work.

wen Make allot of nice and wonderful art work. I have order some art from wen and i am always happen how well and nice it turns out to be. She send allot of sketch so you relay can see the progress on the art. That is something that i relay like and make it easy for you to see if it need something that you wont to have.

pichu90 Make some relay cute Pichu arts and have some very nice and good art skills.

ruugiaruu Draw allot of good art. And make a very wonderful and good work. And my arts that i have order from ruugiaruu have always turn out good and awesome. Ruugiaruu is relay good on drawing some nice and poofy diaper butts :)

fangthefox Do a relay good work and my art that i have order have always turn out great. Can make some relay good and nice REF: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9847060/

bobkitty This is relay a special person. I always looking forward to see when he post new art. Ha can relay draw some good and cute face expression. And all the Soggy adn messy diaper cub his draw is relay get you hart to melt and you wish it was you that was that soggy cub.

catmonkshiro I would like to thanks you for all the regression pitcher you do. I dont know what to say more then i like most of the art you post.

roareyraccoon Thank you for the two cute art that you have draw for me. I am so happy for the cute and wounderful two art that you have fix for me. And i like you wonderful art style

I hope you all keep up whit the nice and wonderful work you do. This is my way to thank some of you artist for the nice and wonderful work you do. I cannot mention you all but i wont to thank some special artist.

Foxy sleeping

Foxy sleeping
Foxy sleeping

Finely i have my new foxy drawing from roareyraccoon and it is awesome. I look so cute when i sleeping whit my Pikachu plushy and sucking on my thumb like a good little cub. And my diaper butt look kind of special to. This is a relay special drawing that he mad for me whit a new kind of coloring. But it make my character look so cute and special. Not every day you see a drawing like this.

many think to: roareyraccoon for this awesome drawing and ones again i think you did an amazing work whit this one.

I have not draw this one. I only have my character in it.

Foxy Sleeping (tail hole version)
Foxy Sleeping (tail hole version)

A new version whit a tail hole in the diaper.

Order a new T-Shirt

Thumb suck

Here is a pitcher of a new T-shirt that i have order. Should be so nice to wear this one when it have arrive. I only hope that the print is big enough. I dont wont to end up whit some small print on the t-shirt. Should be so nice when i get this can barely wait. Should be a awesome thing to wear. This print really fit on a t-shirt or what do you think?

I would like to thank roareyraccoon on more time for drawing this wonderful and awesome art.

Suck thumb

Suck thumbIt is nice to have the thumb close by when you need something to suck on. May pacifier have i lost but it is hard to lost the thumb. It is always there when you need something to suck on so you can get all calm down.

The drawing is not mad by me. It is only the character that is me.

Draw by:  roareyraccoon

Story from: Pieforberries1

With the desperate sun peeking through Foxy’s window, he woke up from his routine slumber, It was… Saturday, right? Foxy then looked down at his diaper, soaked.. But it was just plastic, they could change it. When Foxy arose from his crib, shaking the bars whining for his Mama she came in, seeing he’d been soaked, as she shook her head she picked him up, asked how he slept. Only Foxy rolled his eyes, he never really liked to talk, Let alone couldn’t yet! But he could crawl, and that’s all he needed. For now, at least but as his Mother laid him on the changing pad, it wasn’t his usual soft station, it was one of those stupid cold plastic ones you put on the floor. He always hated those, his Mother knew so he thought she was just angry with him at something, could it because of the used diaper? But she liked changing his diapers constantly, right? But, as his Mama powered him, blowing a usual raspberrry on his tummy -which always disgusted him, but he laughed to give her the satisfaction.- she had taken out a white napkin sort of thing, it wasn’t plastic that’s for sure. And, it didn’t have any patterns of Cars or Monkeys which worried Foxy more. She wasn’t, Oh god she is! A CLOTH diaper!?! We’re not in the 1980’s, he thought.. Then again, he wasn’t really BORN in 1980’s, so he couldn’t really make a reference like that.. But seriously though, CLOTH, ridiculous. But, his mother smiled– she thought his liked this idea, THOUGHT. But, as his Mother then dressed him in that Cloth diaper, he was given something he actually preferred, his racecar shirt. He sat himself up, Sucking his thumb to himself thinking, ‘Maybe I could get use to this..’ but, his mother thought of this as an offer to get a cute picture for her blog, BabiesRCute. She snapped the photo, and that was that.