That’s not how you wear a towel!

That's not how you wear a towel!

I couldn’t hewp it! >////<‘ *blushes*
Since it’s summer time I’ve been to the sauna like every other day so I had to draw something sauna related. :v

Rex © ReXam-1
art © ReXam-1


Yes i can agree this is not the right way that you should wear a towel so it look like that you are wearing a cloth diaper. But it make you look weary cute and i bet the reason is that you wear your towel like this Rex is because you dont feel safe whiteout your diaper. And a disposable diaper is not a good thing to where in a sauna. So i think you make a good choice any way and it make you look so super cute. I bet you receive allot of hugs in that sauna if someone find out what a cute boy they can find in there.