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Alien Experiments

 Alien ExperimentsUh oh! Looks like Rex has found himself being examined by a whole bunch of mysterious alien tentacles. He doesnt seem to mind though.

Rex and art by ReXam-1

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/23528204/

I bet Rex is hypnotize and that is the reason to way he is not reacting when this mysterious alien tentacles is examining him.

Messy blushing Foxy

 Messy blushing Foxy
Foxy had recently woke up from his little nap when he felt his tummy making some bad noise and starting to hurt allot. He slowly get up on all four and starting to purse. That have help before when his tummy hurt. Suddenly he hear a big explosion and the tummy ache is suddenly disappeared.

Looks like the thing that make the tummy pain is in the back of his diaper now :)

This is so blushing that you guys can see my messy diaper. Blushing big time.

Draw by ReXam-1

 Messy blushing Foxy (Wet version) Messy blushing Foxy (Clean version)

Pretty please

Pretty pleaseAwww, looks like poor little Yookey really wants this build a bear. I’m sure her daddy will give in. ;w;

Yookey Yookey

Draw by ReXam-1

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/21087512/

Poor little Yookey it seems like she really wont to build herself a new a new teddy bear in this shop and who can say no to this cute face? I think daddy is going to say yes to this thing.

Pool Prank!

Pool Prank!Yookey can be a littlebit of a tease! ReXam-1 should’ve learned by now. But nope, Yookey once again managed to catch him off guard and pull his swim diaper down! Poor little thing :)

Rex: ReXam-1

Draw, Red panda and text by Yookey

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20615433/

Poor Rex it seems like he should have a closer watch about what he have Yookey now can she see his cute naked butt again when she have pull out his swim diaper. He sure is blushing deep time when he is notes what Yookey is up to. Looks like this dont turn out to be a fun playtime in the pool after all.

A Pretty Day at the Playground

A Pretty Day at the PlaygroundMama dressed Rex in his new skirtalls she designed herself and took him out to the playground with his padded little plushie, Todd. ^w^

Rex and everything else by ReXam-1

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20579285/

Wen you are going to spend some couple of hours in the playground it can be good if your plushy also is wearing some nice and comfy diaper. They maybe end up whit an accident to during your playtime outside.