Snow day!

Snow day!Jaega and Aechi going outside to enjoy some fun in the snow. Thankfully their caretaker will have hot drinks and a meal once they get done!

Jaega and text belongs to RenChu

Aechi belongs to Rasile

Draw by sir-Dancalot


It sure seems like this two is going to have some fun time out in the snow and i bet they also going to be needing a diaper change when they get back inside.

Renchu is blushing over his wet diaper

Renchu is blushing over his wet diaperRaichu renchu

Draw by RuugiaRuu


Poor little Renchu it seems like he have a little hard time to accepting that he have ended up whit a accident in his diaper. Poor little chu you are wearing your diapers that helps you handle when you have a accident so you dont pee on the floor or something else. That is nothing to be blushing about little cute pie.

Wendy Beating a boss

Wendy Beating a boss
She is very focused in her game without realising her diaper is turning wet :3

Drawing order by RenChu

Draw by ConejoBlanco


Way should Wendy release or thinking about that the diaper that she is wearing turning wet? that’s what the diaper is there to handle so Wandy can focus on the game instead on the bladder.

Go for it Wendy.

Forgot how comfy these were

Forgot how comfy these wererenchu featuring his clefairy character Reynard.

Clefairy: renchu

Draw and text by emeritus_terciel


Yes it can be kind of easy to forgot how nice and comfortable it is to wear a thick nice diaper. Good thing that Clefairy get a chance to renew that feeling.

Mechanic ready to roll!

Mechanic ready to roll!

Raichu: RenChu

Draw by: Coshi_Dragonite


Here we have a weary cute Raichu that seems to be up to something whit a wrench. Maybe he is on his way to work or maybe fix some toys that is broken.