A visit to The Showroom at Rearz – The Diaper Authority

Featuring high end imported incontinence briefs, ABDL briefs and apparel, baby cloth diapers.
Located in Canada (Waterloo, Ontario)
Also online at rearz.ca
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Video and post by: Rearz Inc

It should be so awesome to visit this place. If any of you visitors here on the blog have visited Rearz Inc maybe you can share about it in a comment below i think many should like that.

Rearz Comparing the World’s 3 most Absorbent Adult Diapers

The moral of the story is that your DO get what you PAY FOR. Cheap diapers are never good. But if you absolutely refuse to compromise on QUALITY then look no further.

Rearz, Comficare and Fabine. Feature comparison. All boasting a 4-5 liter capacity.

Rearz can be find on this two sites: rearz.ca and agecomfort.com

Comficare can be find on difference’s site and here you have two site where they are available: comficare.de and ABDLFactory.com

Fabine can also be find on a couple of sites this is two of them: ABDLFactory.com and Buntewindel

I hope you find this video interesting and it is created bay  Rearz Inc.

REARZ Spoiled Super Absorbent Briefs – Age Comfort

It look like Age Comfort have start to sell the REARZ Spoiled Super Absorbent diaper that are made by rearz.ca


Product Description

Spoiled Super Absorbent Briefs by Rearz are made of brand name 4th generation super absorbent polymer gel crystals. They have better retaining power, even under pressure. They have a higher capacity boasting at least 4500ml-5000ml max capacity.


Brand name tapes

Thick core with USA grade A Fluff

Tall standing leg guards

Elastic waistbands front and pack

Plain white, unprinted outer

Reinforced frontal tape that allows refastening

Thick Vintage style PE backing


As a general note these run larger than “standard” sizing, closer to the sizing of Abena.

3” of overlap on each side

You find the size information here and that is also the page where you can place your order on the diapers.