One soggy morning – diaperteenx



Giggle it sure seems like this diaper boy sure have woke up whit one soggy Rearz Safari diaper this morning. I sure hope that the diaper not have start leaking and make his cute pajamas pants wet. That diaper sure have been pretty busy this night and have made a good job handle all his accidents :)

His diaper front sure most be pretty squishy right now :)

Trying to cum in his diaper – paddedskaterboy



Aww looks like this diaper boy is trying to cum in his Rearz SafariTrying to cum in his diaper - paddedskaterboy diaper. Wounder if he succeed whit that or if his mommy or daddy stop him before it happen? He sure is kind of a naughty boy now. The diaper is not made for this kind of stuff in the first hand. But it sure can feel kind of nice to play around whit a soggy squishy diaper :)

minimaxkiddo love big soggy diapers

Yes i to love big soggy diaper. Special when it have grow allot and the front it kind of squishy from all the pee that you have made in it during the night. A night diaper should be big and squishy in the morning.

And it seems like Rearz Safari sure can handle allot of pee. The diaper sure seems to be pretty soggy now.I sure hope that its not have starting to leak.

Leaking night diaper



Poor boy looks like he woke up whit a leaking Rearz Safari diaper :( Maybe he needs to add some boosters into the diaper to increase it capacity so he can avoid waking up to this :)


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A diaper review of the Rearz Safari diaper created by Back In Diapers

A very soggy Rearz Safari – diaperseo



Wow it sure looks like this diaper boy have ended up whit a very soggy and squishy Rearz Safari. Wounder if the diaper have started to leak yet? It sure looks like it is close to do that.