Baby Diaper Fragrance

Baby Diaper Fragrance

Baby Clean

  Taking baby powder to another level.  This fabulous fragrance has top notes of granny smith, lemon, a faint hint of mint, rounded out with wildflower, violets & honeysuckle.  Deep breaths of a new born baby smell. We think it smells very much like the yellow Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo.

Baby Powder

  In short, this reminds us of Johnson’s Baby powder fragrance.

Fabulous baby powder

  This powdery base has bright citrus notes that envelope an innocent soft floral scent.  Notes of lilac, jasmine, rose, and lily balance with hints of spice and sandalwood.  A staff favourite, this is a powder with lots of extra baby notes.

 Graceful Newborn

 This is a very poplular girly baby fragrance.  Full of fresh female notes of mimosa flowers, poppy, pepper, white woods, fresh greenery, and musk. Also a favourite among our staff.

Newborn Diapers

 A lavish blend of newborn fragrances with our fabulous baby powder. Soft citrus and floral notes (Rose, geranium and ylang, lilac, jasmine with a smidge of orange flower and sandalwood for a classic baby smell.) A lavish base of musk and powdery goodness lingers for a simply divine experience.

Feel Great and Smell Great!

This different bottles can be order from for the price of $29.99 per bottle.

Wet and Messy Rearz – crinkleypuppy


This is one very well used Rearz Spoiled Safari diaper that wee have here. I wounder if it have starting to leak yet and if it dont have i bet it is going to be leaking pretty soon.

Seduction Nighttime Diapers

Seduction Nighttime Diapers

Where sexy and confidence meet.  SEDUCTION is suitable for any need without fear of compromising dignity.

SEDUCTION is the ultimate solution for very heavy forms of incontinence.

This product was designed to ensure maximum nighttime performance.  It is bulky, so please consider this when your main concern is discreetness.


 Size 8/Small: 25″ x 30″, fits 27″ – 36″ (36 per case)

Size 9/Medium: 27″ x 33″, fits 32″ to 42″ (36 per case)
Size 10/Large: 31″ x 37″, fits 40″ to 52″ (36 per case)
Size 11/X-Large:  33″ x 40″ wide, fits 50″ to 62″ (36 per case)

The main product features are:

  • Discreet Black design
  • Designed for nighttime use
  • Suitable for extended wear
  • Plain, smooth, white PE outer cover
  • Refastanable tape tabs
  • Tapezone on the front for easy refastening
  • Stretch elastic waistband in the front and in the back
  • High standing leg guards
  • Odor protection
  • Special Distribution Channel
  • Latex free

The product can be pre-order on following website and the shipping start around mid march.

Rearz announce the Inspire+ Incontrol

Earlier today did Rearz a announcement about a new product on there Twitter page about a new diaper that they have give the name Inspire+ Incontrol. They have dont start to ship the diaper yet but you can pre-order the diaper on there website  where you also can find some more information about the product.

2015-11-12 19_44_55
The InControl L10 is suitable for heavy to very heavy forms of incontinence.

Since this product was designed to ensure optimal leak prevention, it is very bulky. Please consider this when your main concern is discreetness. The cut is a bit on the larger side .

The main product features are:

  • designed for night time use
  • discreet, white PE outer cover
  • refastanable tape tabs
  • tapezone on the front for easy refastening
  • Stretch elastic waistband in the front and in the back
  • elastic standing leg cuffs
  • odor protection
  • latex free

Adult Size Safari Family Pacifiers – Rearz

Adult Size Safari Family Pacifiers

Silicone size 6 nipple with Oversized Guards with our adorable characters

These adult pacifiers are larger versions of the ever popular Gerber NUK pacifiers. The shield is approximately 2 5/8 inch wide and 1 7/8 tall. The nipple extends 1 5/8 inch from the shield. The nipple shape is identical to the NUK 5 but just larger. The nipple is all silicone and the pacifier body is strong ABS plastic. Please sanitize your new pacifier with warm water and soap. DO NOT BOIL.

These adorable pacifiers come in 2 vibrant yet sheer colors. The new adult-sized binky features all the baby-like details you would expect from me. Our adult pacifiers feature a large, natural, translucent, soft silicone nipple, similar to those of the popular model NUK 5 but larger, but with exceptional features. The easy-grab handle made with high-quality plastic will make playtime easier and more exciting for any ABDL enthusiasts. The featured adult- sized pacifiers promote and aid customers to have fun, whether at EDC events or during playtime, it’s an added accessory for every type of ABDL fan! Therapeutic trainer for speech therapy and physiotherapy..

Very sought after in the AB community!

You can order the product and find more information about them on company’s website.